Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Great writeup from Anthony Slater on Cezar’s Palace last night. (O’Colly)

Equally good story from John Helsley, who reminds us that Cezar now holds the freshman single game scoring record with James Anderson and Byron Houston. (NewsOK)

And because I love Jimmie Trammel too. This is great from Cezar: “I live for these moments.” (Tulsa World)

Peter Schrager has Justin Blackmon going #2 in the NFL draft…of course he also has Griffin going 14th. (FOX Sports)

Weeden2Blackmon inside the red zone: 83% for 11 TD and 0 INT. Wow. (ESPN)

The always fun college football coaches salary database. Twitter was all abuzz over the fact that Turner Gill makes more than Mike Gundy. I’m sure Boone is taking notes… (USA Today)

Gina with a good feature on the unlikely rise of Alex Elkins. Includes this gem from Gundy: “He’s kind of a lost art. The old-fashioned tough guy.” (NewsOK)

Weeden and Blackmon are finalists for college football’s player of the year award (not the Heisman). (CBS Sports)

Bill Haisten notes that OSU has led for 288 of a possible 300 second half minutes this year. (Tulsa World)

It’s scary how many of these guys OSU gets in-state. (okstate.com)

I said on Twitter last night that we can’t keep calling him “Hail Cezar”, that’s way too easy. The Mexican Assassin is nice, and OMGuerrero isn’t that bad either in print, terrible to say out loud though. (CRFF)

Joe Castiglione will serve on the Big Dance selection committee. [fill in OU basketball probation joke here] (Big 12 Sports)

Olin Buchanan with a great point here: usually you don’t want to be the guy who follows the legend. At OSU, you do. (Rivals)

Not to go all buzzkill here, but it was UTSA, let’s just remember that. (NewsOK)

Justin Blackmon is 7th on Todd McShay’s new big board. Yawn. (ESPN)

Ten Cowboys have interceptions. No other Big 12 team has more than seven. (ESPN)

Really interesting article by KC Joyner for those who have ESPN Insider. He looks at which team creates a title game problem for other teams. (hint: LSU and Bama would struggle with OSU). (ESPN Insider)

Gina asks some great questions of Weeden here. Good read. (NewsOK)

Berry Tramel says Brandon Weeden has a good arm. Really taking some chances with the posts these days, eh? (NewsOK)

So the Landry Jones getting his tires stolen prank wasn’t actually a prank. (NewsOK)

Sarah Palin says we need to “hang [Jerry Sandusky] from the highest tree.” Still not totally sure why we have a faux presidential candidate weighing in on a college football scandal here. (Dr. Saturday)

Re: coaches salaries database…

Here’s a fun little convo between @bweeden3 and @dez_88. Most revealing thing? Dez calls Weeds “wee man.”

Credit to the guys over at Orange Power on this one, it’s pretty good:

Finally, here’s the Cezar video if you missed it from my earlier post.

  • Cory

    I know it was only UTSA but it’s pretty hard to come back like that late in the 2nd half against anyone. Especially against a team that was constantly answering OSU by making big shots down the stretch.

  • KNelson

    It may be UTSA but they did make the tourney last season. They were a play-in game, but that is better than we can say…

    • Chance

      I keep thinking of this OSU team and how they are so relaxed and having fun, and it reminds me of another team, the 2005 Longhorns.

      By the way, are Berry and Jimmie Tramel related?

  • Loved the “wee man” line.

  • hnolan3

    So I talked to my nephew up at Iowa state and it looks like they are gonna double blackmon on third down and in the redzone unlike noone else has done all year. And the kstate game makes them think that they will run all over us. Hopefully that won’t be the case at all.

  • Dave

    Doubling Blackmon = single coverage everywhere else and running room. I’m fine with that,

    ISU doesn’t have a giant tough guy QB who runs like KSU does. Klein is one of the best players in the Big 12. He doesn’t get enough credit.

    • KNelson

      I agree about Klein. The guy is a beast. And ISU doesn’t have the talent at corner to stop Blackmon even with a double team. As you said, if they designate two defenders to cover him, that opens up Coop, Anderson, Stewart, Chelf, etc. not to mention Randle running. If we come out focused like we did at Tech this game should be over in the first quarter.

  • reformedsooner

    I believe Dez’s nickname for Weeden may be a shortened or quite possibly misspelled version of “weed man.” When he was a minor leaguer his signal to come in from the bullpen was a depiction of someone smoking.

    Some in those circles also verbally referred to him as “weed man.”

    Solely a derivative of his last name…not an implication that he smoked weed (natural or the LSU kind).

    • Chance

      LSU has their own kind of weed?

      • reformedsooner

        The synthetic stuff that those two tested positive for a few weeks ago.

  • Jon

    How ghetto is Norman when the starting QB for OU gets his tires jacked? That should be a good recruiting tool for us, “Are you sure you want to go to OU? You might have to buy new tires every so often!”

    • I was in Norman 2 weeks ago and had my car broken into. The moron’s stole an ipod worth about $100. Seriously Nompton is the ghetto

  • Midtown Cowboy

    Instead of tea-sippers, it’s tire-knappers!