Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Great stat unearthed here by Gina Mizell on Joe Randle. (NewsOK)

Really good post here by Berry Tramel on whether or not OSU can win with an inexperienced QB at the helm. (NewsOK)

The ten most viable candidates for the Heisman from the Big 12. Texas much? (Heisman Pundit)

This will make the older crowd sad. Kerr-Drummond, gone. (O’Colly)

As unloaded (?) as OSU is at quarterback, the opposite is true at running back. Absolutely loaded. (NewsOK)

Justin Blackmon is headed to the NFL Draft (literally, not figuratively). (Tulsa World)

Not a lot we didn’t already know here, but still a good piece by Stewart Mandel on OSU’s hope for continued success. (Sports Illustrated)

Uh yeah, awesome. (okstate.com)

It’s embarrassing that this has to be written, but I guess this has to be written. (ESPN Insider)

To the seven of you who still care about baseball [raises hand], the state of Texas is getting back at the state of Oklahoma for the last two years of football. (Tulsa World)

Good post here by Michael Peters on money in college sports as it relates to OSU’s coaches. (Tulsa World)

Crazy Dana agrees with Mel Kiper and Ubbs that Weeden is underrated. (ESPN)

Some good red dirt bands playing in Stillwater starting tonight. (O’Colly)

Stephanie Wei hung out with Louie Oosthuizen’s family on Sunday at the Masters. (Wei Under Par)

Nothing special about this video but how filthy was 1. the way we dressed in 1996 and 2. Alonzo Mayes?

  • TXinTexas

    The news that Kerr-Drummond is coming down will also make the older crowd feel a whole lot older. I remember when that was one of the NEW dorms. Gotta go take my Geritol now…..

  • Money

    1. You were right, Porter. As an older alumnus, I’m sad to hear about the planned Kerr-Drummon demolition.

    2. I wish we would bring back the old-school OSU brand helmets for a game this year.

    3. Alonzo Mayes was huge!

    4. That is all.

  • @natethiry

    Anchor referring to Alonzo Mayes’s dive into the endzone on the bob Simmons show: “Something that big that’s flying needs a stewardess on board!!”. Killed me. Alonzo looked like a lineman with legs catching passes out there, and our fullback was WRECKING PEOPLE. If you just watch the first 7 minutes, you’d think our only offensive positions were tight end, qb, lineman, & runningback. It’s like we didn’t know what a WR was, or why they were on the field with the rest of the team.

  • reformedsooner

    David Thompson with our current offensive line would be fun to watch.

    Career day for T. Jones going 14/24. That’s a fairly weak first half these days.

    Great set of linebackers that year.

    Seem to remember that team playing in the first overtime game in NCAA history.

  • Wooly

    Sad to see Kerr-Drummond go, but it was kinda fun watching them tear the other one down. So, at least the kids have that to look forward to.