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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

• Reaction to Lunt transfer
• How OSU is doing in recruiting
• Smart has dunking competition




Robert Allen wants everyone to know THE TEAM IS NOT SPLIT OVER SPEEDGATE!! (Scout)

Berry with some good thoughts on the Lunt interview. He houses Gundy a little bit. (NewsOK)

What I think happened with Wes Lunt. (PFB)

Evie, cray. (PFB)

Oklahoma State is doing well in recruiting, according to ESPN. (ESPN)

This is really cool on pace of play. (Football Study Hall)

This is interesting, teams most likely to be ranked in the top 25 over the next few years. (ESPN)

Somebody hide Kye Staley’s knees from the new turf. (Scout)

Good breakdown on which magazines like OSU this year. (Tulsa World)

Why can’t I read this? (NewsOK)

Ubben nailed it here: it’s ironic that making Lunt the starter actually probably shortened his career. (ESPN)


Great point here that Smart gave up the No. 1 pick to not be the the No. 1 pick. Disagree that he knew this when he decided though. He wasn’t a lock at No. 1. (ESPN)

Hahahaha. (Sports Illustrated)

To the Mike Holder haters… (okstate)

Good stuff on basketball recruiting. (ESPN)

Can’t wait to see highlights of Smart from this team this summer. (NewsOK)

All the sadz. (CBS Sports)

Another recruit for Cowboys fans to keep an eye on. (CBS Sports)

I don’t link Simmons a lot because I presume that you all read him and if you don’t, it’s for a reason, but his paragraph on Ray Ray here is just spectacular. (Grantland)

Melissa McCarthy is funny.

Kind of agree, see both sides though.

Smart has some Team USA dunk competition…

Shuttlesworth, pure.

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