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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

• Scheduling gods are back!
• Basketball schedule
• New safety recruit



OKC Dave is dropping his annual OSU survey later today so be sure and hop back on to take it. 


Very interesting article on Yurcich’s big wrinkle with the offense. Good work here by Morris. (Rivals)

Oklahoma State with the second biggest QB battle this fall. (ESPN Insider)

OSU set to exceed season ticket record…again. [Holder drinks scotch lustily from diamond-encrusted glass at 7 AM]. (Tulsa World)

Good look at how the scheduling gods are once again looking favorably upon OSU. (CRFF)

Tracy Moore as the seventh most important player. (NewsOK)

Info on fan appreciation day Saturday. (okstate)

And a map of where to go. (okstate)

I can’t wait until somebody gets tossed for this for the first time. Gundy’s going to lose his mind. (NewsOK)

I helped contribute to this. (College Football Zealots)

We got a two-star from Oklahoma. (NewsOK)


Oh my, Oregon. (Go Ducks)

Jason Hursh interview. He’s given up five hits in 13 innings so far. 0 runs. (SB Nation)

You should go buy this book. (Football Study Hall)

Man, I love Tony Allen. (NewsOK)

Interesting piece here on why OU needs new uniforms. It’s unfortunate, too, because I think OU’s uniforms are pretty great. (NewsOK)

Jeff Goodman says Butch Pierre is the fourth-best recruiting assistant in college hoops. “Recruiting.” (ESPN Insider)

I don’t hate the non-conference schedule, but it could be better. Not saying OSU didn’t try, just that I’d selfishly love to see a Carolina-like or Michigan State-like noncon schedule. (okstate)

I liked this from Berry on Big 12 coaches who started out with tough jobs. (NewsOK)

Yeesh, this is not good. via @benallenkosu (Guardian)

The thought of Tony just smashing on nine-year-olds is both 1.) not surprising and 2.) hilarious.

And he just keeps the amazing photos coming.


When are we going to address your/you’re?


My man Kevin DeShazo wrote a book, you should check it out.

Not bad, pretty busy.

This is just amazing.

Not sure why/how I just found this, but it’s cool.

Good stuff from Carson on Yurcich.

Hunter Mahan and his wife ask Brandt Snedeker to pay for Zoe’s college tuition (at OSU?)

Seriously though, how many movies is Wahlberg trying to do this year?

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