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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

• Dez and Rashaun > Blackmon?
• Calvin Barnett a top 20 player
• The OSU-Oregon rule




Great stuff by OKC Dave here. Shows Rashaun and Dez had better seasons than either of Blackmon’s. (Football Study Hall)

The first time the Big 12 has ever not had a top 10 preseason team. (ESPN)

OSU has branded an offense. Good piece but wish Berry would show points per possession. Any team is going to score a lot when you go that fast, OSU’s ability to sustain it is pretty amazing. (NewsOK)

Calvin Barnett No. 18 on Ubben’s top 25 list. (ESPN)

How many times will this article be written? (NewsOK)

If you combine Football Outsiders and the Coaches Poll, OSU is ranked 8th. (Football Study Hall)

Didn’t know this — coaches poll coaches are drawn at random. Here’s Gundy’s ballot in case you missed it. (NewsOK)

I’m really bummed I can’t read this. (Scout)

New WR commit. (NewsOK)


We gonna call this the OSU-Oregon rule? (CBS Sports)

I watch a lot of YouTube is the most Tony Allen quote ever. (NewsOK)

Thompson down, Bell at 263 lbs. Coming apart at the seams? (CBS Sports)

I’m in on the all-cream look. Let’s just keep it traditional. (NewsOK)

“Quite large” doesn’t begin to describe this logo. (CBS Sports)

Fantastic set of photos here. via @richarddeitsch (National Geograhpic)

I loved this: how to get a job on Twitter. via @jasonmcintyre (The Atlantic)

This on the anti-anxiety is great. (Seth Godin)

WHOA! (Big Lead)

Nolan and I started a trend: fans voted on the top 10 SC commercials ever. Here they are. (Indy Star)

And SVP’s top five. (ESPN)

Ah, the smack talking is so easy after that 11-2 season isn’t it[1. Last five seasons: A&M — 37-27, OSU — 49-16.]?

This reaction to the changes in seeding was great…

Good stuff.

Underrated storyline.

That is quite the name.

I don’t think it fits.

Dylan Harding highlights.

Well this looks interesting.

Bobby Reid! Also, I would criticize the ring sizing station, but I think you get a ring for having a winning Big 12 record these days, so I won’t.

Redford still got it?

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