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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

Football weekend roundup, Rickie Fowler one of the “good guys,” the Breaking Bad videos just keep coming, and really cool Weeden clip.



Things should look slightly different this morning. I’m in the middle of a few tweaks to the site (by my man, Sam Snelling) but everything should be ready to go by football. Sorry for the mess.


Less than 35 PFB shirts left. Get one here. (Teespring)

Gundy tells Jeremy Smith if he looked like him he’d just move to Los Angeles and walk around without a shirt on (really). Smith responded by saying Gundy is “super goofy.” (NewsOK)

Gundy  says OSU is as deep at WR as ever. (Tulsa World)

Good stuff here from Jeff Johnson on the first practice. Smith said the weather was “lovely.” (Rivals)

………. (NewsOK)

Quite the lede here from Jimmy. (Tulsa World)

Jhajuan Seales — the next Blackmon? (NewsOK)

Gundy says cars on Hall of Fame should watch out for some of his players. (Tulsa World)

Why is everyone taking Tech to beat OSU? (Athlon)

Laughed at this headline and the photo right below it. (Scout)

Jeremy Smith: We’re still gonna stay number one in the Big 12, I have no doubt about that. (Rivals)

Good story on Joe Wickline: I think that OSU people — Oklahoma people altogether — are salt-of-the-Earth people. I like the way things are done around here. (NewsOK)

Day 1 photos (the Jeremy Smith gallery) (Flickr) and Day 2 photos (Flickr)

Interesting look at how Gundy fills out his ballot. (NewsOK)

As a fan, I selfishly want us to play these games as well, especially in years in which we’re likely not playing for the title anyway. (Tulsa World)

Man suing Gundy felt “degraded” — at least he didn’t feel “bedowngraded”? (NewsOK)

Tracy Moore plays all of the video games. Literally, all of them. (Tulsa World)

Jeremy Smith is kind of the war daddy. (NewsOK)

9-3 is the correct answer. (CRFF)

Monken tried to hard ball Austin Hays into walking on last year. (NewsOK)

New WR from Texas. (Tulsa World)

Cool Rob Glass interview. (Scout)

Jenni pulls some pretty great quotes from Gundy on the QB race. (NewsOK)

The answers to these questions, man…amazing. (Tulsa World)

If David Glidden is half as productive as Josh Cooper then that would be amazing. (NewsOK)

OSU-Texas one of college football’s 15 most intriguing games. (Yahoo)

Is “lovely” the word of the year and I’ve just had my head in the sand? I’m totally fine with it, just wondering. (NewsOK)

The most (only?) fair critique I’ve seen of my post last week defending the OSU defense. (CRFF)

This is….wow. (NewsOK)


Good idea for a post but I only made it through like two of these. (NewsOK)

Great countdown here of the BCS era top 50 things. (Yahoo)

Mack Brown thinks the Big 12 is the “most balanced league in the country.” (AP)

Rickie Fowler and Bo Van Pelt rank as two of the top 10 “good guys” list. (Golf Channel)

Oh good, I want to be reminded of this as often as possible. (Big Lead)

One of my colleagues would be “shocked” if the Browns didn’t look at a QB next year in the draft. (CBS Sports)

Cool look at which coffee brands have the most caffeine. (Morning Donuts)

#AmateurAthletics. (Big Lead)

This was great.

This also made me laugh.

Not just you.



Good roundup from last night.


Just gonna keep these coming.

Here’s Gundy after the first practice.

Somehow they’ve become overplayed, but this was good.

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