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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

Marcus Smart is recruiting, the QBs are throwing, has Tracy Moore been forgotten (?), Barry Sanders GIFs, Calvin Barnett does not care.




10ish shirts left.[1. Relevant: you guys are awesome.] (Teespring)

This, on turnovers, is true about Oklahoma State. (CBS Sports)

I think people forget about that 4 TD game T. Moore had in Tuscon. (ESPN)

Calvin Barnett No. 6 on the most important players list. (NewsOK)

OSU has a Tumblr and here’s a few GIFs of Barry Sanders. (Tumblr)

He looks like he’s going to pass out, but I guess he makes it. (Tulsa World)

I like Calvin Barnett. He seems like he doesn’t give many craps. (Rivals)

Oh good, glad we could contribute to this list. (Yahoo)

Bruce Feldman, not a believer in OSU. (CBS Sports)

Van Malone talks about the corners. He has some interesting philosophies and thoughts. (Rivals)

The thought of Lunt/Walsh/Chelf messing with Yurcich in the film room makes me laugh for some reason. (NewsOK)

Jeremy Smith interview with Jake Trotter. (ESPN)

You’re going to go a whole interview with Daytawion Lowe and not make reference to his horses? (NewsOK)


Your daily reminder of how good it is to have Marcus Smart. (CRFF)

Lawrence —> San Antonio —> Stillwater (NewsOK)

I know y’all probably aren’t familiar with the Western Amateur but it’s a big deal. Past winners: Ryan Moore, Tiger, Phil, Justin Leonard. (okstate)

Pokes second in Big 12 power rankings. Hmm.. (ESPN Insider)

Add “ace recruiter” to Marcus Smart’s resume. (Dallas Morning News)

Three JFF thoughts: 1. Nothing happens, 2. The rule is dumb (but you still broke it), 3. Don’t lie. (CBS Sports)

Jamie Blatnick might make the Bills roster. via @chdwrd (Buddy Nixon)

Thumbs up on these ISU uniforms. (CBS Sports)

Only 18% of adults are on Twitter. Wow. (Pew)

The top 40 SportsCenter anchors of all time. (BuzzFeed)

WOW. (The Verge)

Cyclist falls down, this is great. (Big Lead)



Presented without comment.

I’ve really enjoyed the AD’s work on Instagram, very cool.

This is just the greatest (h/t Royce Young).

Not gonna lie, I laughed.

This is…unique.

Carson on the D.

Hendricks on why he wants the belt.

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