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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

Tracy Moore basically says Chelf is QB1, Barry Sanders game audio, Gundy on Michael Jackson, ESPN power rankings practice highlights, Chelf GIF, and much info on the offensive line.




Tracy Moore on Chelf: He made the right decision to stay. I think he’s gonna have one of the best quarterback years that pretty much any quarterback has had. (NewsOK)

ESPN has OSU No. 16 in its power rankings. (ESPN)

Joe Wickline is concerned most about who’s playing center. (Tulsa World)

Really cool infographic here. If you don’t have ESPN Insider, the main thing you need to know is that one of ESPN’s experts ranked OSU No. 9 and two had them unranked. (ESPN Insider)

Gundy: They need to be fatigued. (NewsOK)

Small town kid baling hay for money! Luke Cafferty! (Tulsa World)

The athletic department is releasing Barry Sanders game audio tapes one by one. (okstate)

This is so great. I actually searched “Clint Chelf” yesterday but came up empty. (NewsOK)

OSU, TCU, and Baylor are really hurting OU’s recruiting. (ESPN Insider)

Practice pics here. I love the one with the IPF in the background. (Flickr)

This is Gundy, Gundy-ing. (Tulsa World)

OSU-MSU one of the five best noncon games. (ESPN)

Cowboys-Horns as the 15th most intriguing game of the season. (Yahoo)

We get a “great effort” out of Gundy! Also, Yurcich sounds like a kid who just found Disneyland for the first time. (okstate)

(Texas’) first 27 candidates must have not accepted the job and I may have been their last resort. (NewsOK)

Who’s going to fill in on the OL? Good stuff here. (Rivals)

Really interesting post here on college teams vs. the spread. h/t Orange Power (Phil Steele)

Excellent round up of national rankings here, OSU 9th. (Frogs O’ War)


Really good read from Jenni Carlson here. (NewsOK)

OSU’s only major ever is No. 4 on this list. No. 1 is one of my favorite tournaments ever. (PGA)

Man, this was so great. (CBS Sports)

Amazing work here. (Smoking Musket)

Yeah, I bet they will. (Sports Illustrated)

My level of caring about what Manziel did or didn’t do is at an all-time low. (CBS Sports)

My man Michael Lane is launching his small business today selling custom infographical resumes. It’s really cool, check it. (Resume Launch)

Finished this last night. It’s horrendously inappropriate but incredibly funny. I laughed out loud probably 50 times, my wife started glaring at me by the end. (Amazon)

Incredible tweet here.

I feel you.


Practice highlights!

This one’s for you, female readers of the blog…

Here’s one to get you fired up for this weekend.

I’ll watch (RIP, James).

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