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Daily Bullets

More then and now pics, Jeremy Smith’s promise, Desmond Roland could break out, Josh Stewart is a top 15 player, Big 12 teams as alcoholic beverages, Weeden dropping dimes, and more.




Can you fathom the ungodly things Desmond Roland has to do to break into my Desmond/Dez power rankings? (NewsOK)

Are we confident in both QBs? (ESPN)

I like this about Gundy, I feel like he’s really good at it. (NewsOK)

I think Kevin Peterson is going to be a star. (Tulsa World)

Maybe I’m not intelligent enough to understand, but why does it matter whether or not you need a No. 1 receiver given that you will inevitably have one? (NewsOK)

I love this: photos of the seniors then and now…part II. (Rivals)

Josh Stewart is the 13th best player in the Big 12. (ESPN)

Big 12 teams as alcoholic beverages. Love this piece every year. (B/R)

I know you’re not going to believe this but Naim Mustafaa changed schools again. (Tulsa World)

This looks just unbelievable. (Flickr)

Ubben has OSU at 8-1 after week 11. (ESPN)


This survey of college football players is fascinating. 16-team playoff FTW! (ESPN)

OSU’s Big 12 hoops schedule. (PFB)

I’m already giddy for this. Both of them. (CBS Sports)

Interesting: this guy says Quinn Sharp will not make the Bengals roster. I’d be shocked if he didn’t somehow find a job. (Cincy Jungle)

I know it was preseason but Weeden was terrific last night. Some good quotes from him here. (Plain Dealer)

Here are all his throws. He throws a seed that nearly gets picked in the middle of the video. (NFL)

OBC shirtless alert. (CBS Sports)

Kristen Kelley named all conference for the Cowgirls. (okstate)

This is hilarious. (Big Lead)

The NCAA will stop selling jerseys. Jay Bilas FTW. (Yahoo)

Here’s @kevindeshazo on seeking space. So good. (Medium)

The Weather God of OKC. (New York Times)

For those following the #Pray4Tatum story. (Facebook)

Very, very clever.

Stadium is ready.

Gosh I loved this tweet.

They’ll probably live.

This is incredible.

This is amazing

Thumbs up.

He’s right, we wouldn’t have recruited him.


Jeremy Smith promises OSU will lead the Big 12 in rushing, it hasn’t happened since 2009.

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