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Daily Bullets

OSU snags two new recruits, Holder/Gundy photos, why are the Pokes practicing indoors, Weeden/Bradford roundup, and more.




Oregon me. (NewsOK)

Some humorous photos of Gundy and Holder here. (Flickr)

Gina Mizell on who will start at WR. (NewsOK)

Clint Chelf as one of the 25 most intriguing QBs. (Yahoo)

He’s a polite guy and will hold the door for you. (Tulsa World)

Headlines like this kill me. Also, Gundy calling Anthony Rogers Tizzle kills me. (NewsOK)

Jeremy Seaton on his TD during the HOD Bowl: “I honestly blacked out during a lot of it. I remember running and seeing the safety bite down and so I was like, ‘Oh, please throw it to me.’ (NewsOK)

Why OSU is practicing indoors. (Tulsa World)

I feel like we could be called “Kicker U” without much irony. (NewsOK)

OSU is 50-1 to win it all but OU gets the nod as the better bet at 55-1. (ESPN Insider)

Gundy is high on Ashton Lampkin. (NewsOK)

Two new 4-star recruits. (ESPN)

The defense sounds like it’s really coming around! (NewsOK)

Here are the rest of the quotes from Spencer about the D. (Rivals)

Just gonna leave this right here.. (Tulsa World)

Good roundup of the Weeden-Bradford matchup from last Thursday. (NewsOK)


Why Baylor could challenge OSU and Kansas for the Big 12 title. (Sports Illustrated)


I honestly didn’t know WVU was this good at soccer. Cowgirls picked fourth. (Big 12 Sports)

College summed up in two 15-second videos. (CBS Sports)

This photo >>> (Big Lead)

A Baylor-Bama title game?? (Coaching Search)

Kendall Hunter activated. (NFL)

If Quinn Sharp can’t get an NFL job, I don’t know what to say.. (NewsOK)

What’s wrong with Justin Blackmon? (Big Lead)

On the value of an elite corner. (Football Study Hall)

Video of Dez and Romo doing work. (NFL)

And here’s them talking about their performance. (ESPN Dallas)

This is so great for college hoops. (Yahoo)

This on Rory and Tiger is so excellent. (Sports Illustrated)

Good point here: Cleveland’s coach once got Derek Anderson to the Pro Bowl so Weeden should be just fine. (Grantland)

Fascinating look at what Vox is trying to do with media. (PBS)

On Jeff Bezos, so fascinating. (Washington Post)

As somebody who loves bookstores (and libraries) this bums me out. (New York Times)

Andy Greenwald on Breaking Bad. Yes. (Grantland)


I loved this.

Oh how far we’ve fallen!

Very cool.


I laughed at this.

That looks so much better than what we have. Can we do something about Pete’s green ‘stache too?

Is this good?


Hah, nice.

It’s never not funny.


The last scene in Breaking Bad last night was a joke. Vince Gilligan is a savant. What a work of art.

I’m pretty fascinated by this stuff so I’ll probably see this.

Gundy after the scrimmage.

I love summer leagues!

How about the ump signaling home run?

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