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Josh Stewart is a “deadly rascal,” OSU has the best WRs in the Big 12, why Justin Gilbert will help Tracy Moore, and 10 predictions for this season.




Pat Jones calls Josh Stewart a “deadly rascal” and has “heard raves” about JW. Wow. (Tulsa World)

Slater has video of those two recruits OSU got the other day. (NewsOK)

David Ubben says OSU has the best WRs in the Big 12. (ESPN)

This scares me. (NewsOK)

The highest anyone has OSU is No. 10, the lowest is No. 23. (CBS Sports)

And here’s the composite. (CBS Sports)

More Big 12-SEC action. (Big 12 Sports)

Why Justin Gilbert’s struggles could help Tracy Moore. (NewsOK)

A look at the Big 12’s rivalries. (ESPN)

Calvin Barnett’s “welcome to the Big 12” moment is pretty great. (NewsOK)

If you’re into gambling at all or just interested in it, this is a fascinating site. (Boyds Bets)

This is intriguing, but I’m not sure what it tells me. Am I supposed to believe OSU is as good as Florida? (NewsOK)

10 predictions for the OSU football team. (PFB)

One of my Baylor friends ranked the Big 12 hype videos. His line about OSU was pretty humorous. (Baylor Fans)

Cool photo here, wish we could read the article. (NewsOK)

A look at the best indoor practice facilities. (Saturdays Down South)

Robert Allen wrote a post about Mike Gundy’s birthday. (Scout)

Some really cool photos here. Tracy Moore one hand! (Flickr)

All of Iowa State’s bloggers predict a loss to OSU. (WRNL)

OSU is 40-1 to win it all. (PFB)


This is pretty good: a Twitter-y state of the union in college hoops. (Sports Illustrated)


Tom Brady creepin’ (Big Lead)

Les can’t stop being the best. (Big Lead)

If you didn’t already read Football Study Hall, you definitely should now. (Football Study Hall)

New North Texas unis are amazing. (CBS Sports)

On Jordan Niebrugge and the Walker Cup, via @ryancameron24. (Global Golf)

AAU kingpin selling heroin! (Yahoo)

WUT? (Deadspin)

Not sure about your thoughts on Clay Travis but here’s a really interesting post on how he got to Fox Sports. (Forbes)

Thought this was fantastic: on composite score at the four majors this year. (Jamie on Sport)

Welp, this is fascinating. (New York Times)

I haven’t read this yet but it looks insanely good. (Deadspin)

Hah, this was kind of my thought as well.

This was very cool.

Very, very clever.



The IPF is just insane.


Video of the QBs throwing in case you need something to hyperanalyze this morning.

Practice highlights — Big 12 Championship.

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