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Daily Bullets

Glenn Spencer talks advanced stats (!), OSU needs a punter, old Cowboys program is incredible, and Kevin Durant and James Harden talk…



Practice highlights. I watched the Daxx throw at 0:25 like seven times. WHAT THE HECK?![1. Also, I hate admitting this but the throw by Walsh at 0:54 is salty.]


Just gonna leave this right here…. (Tulsa World)

Gundy calling AJ McCarron “the quarterback from Alabama” and Jason Dufner “the golfer from the PGA” here is incredible. (Tulsa World)

Wow, the Zack Craig story ended up on the Big Lead. (Big Lead)

Good stuff from Jake Trotter on the perception of the Big 12. (ESPN)

Pokes need a punter. (Tulsa World)

OSU’s DBs will “mix it up more.” (Rivals)

Oklahoma State should have the best offense in the league again. (Barking Carnival)

Like this from Whetsell on what the traditional defensive profile is for a conference winning team. (CRFF)

What’s hot in the Big 12. (ESPN)

Gundy has done more with less so will he do even more with more? (Tulsa World)

Calvin Barnett: if you’re not ready for Mississippi State right now, you’re on the wrong team. (okstate)

Berry Tramel on the myth of playing tough season openers. (NewsOK)

Tracy Moore thinks OSU is going to be pretty great and probably break some more records. (Tulsa World)

OSU-MSU is part of a handful of really good early-season games. (Yahoo)

This from OKC Dave is awesome. Kellen Moore!! (Football Study Hall)

Gundy on overcoming the grind. (NewsOK)

JW Walsh’s QBR[1. ESPN’s QB rating system thing that nobody totally understands.] was only topped in 2012 by Manziel and Mariota. Wow. (ESPN Insider)


SEC-Big 12 challenge schedule and times (wish this was football!) (Big 12 Sports)

Ivan McFarlin is on Twitter. (Twitter)

Ford gets an all-state guy from Kansas (via @osumaverick) (CJ Online)

Marcus Smart dunk off with Julius Randle. (PFB)


Dez, doing work on Manziel and the NCAA here. (Star-Telegram)

Oh. (Big Lead)

I read the headline and giggled. (Big 12 Sports)

Ah, this was funny — the comment about Weeden in the comments section was pretty hilarious too. (SB Nation)

The Slate Hang Up and Listen podcast makes fun of my golf picks here. It was pretty funny — maybe a little over the top.[1. Also, I didn’t pick Dufner at the Canadian Open…I picked Snedeker, who won.] (Slate)


Not close, probably.


Of course!


A 7th grader!

All the facilities money can buy and our coach/player interviews are still shot like the hostage situation of a low-budget indie film.


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