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Daily Bullets

No more Belldozer (?), Jeremy Smith is ready to take over the offense, great photos from the first day of school, and the 2002 Bedlam game is on YouTube



Two quick notes: I did a podcast with OKC Dave you’re going to want to hear. It will be up later today. Also, congrats to Matty Quade, officially a PhD.


Reminder that Ryan Simmons’ sister plays bball at Tennessee which is legit. (NewsOK)

Good stuff on Jeremy Smith. I rarely worry about our RBs but Randle was insane, easily the most complete RB of the Miles/Gundy era. (ESPN)

Hope for OSU! Six outsiders that reached the title game. (Big Lead)

The entire ’02 Bedlam game is on YouTube. (YouTube)

Oh my. (EDSBS)

Josh Stewart as the third most important player on OSU’s team. (NewsOK)

The OSU defense isn’t bad but it struggles on long drives. (PFB)

I guess I don’t get the Andy Staples hate. Why are we so mad at him? (ESPN)

Mississippi St. sees OSU as a big boy school. (Cowbell Tolls)

A few recruits OSU is still trying to get. (Rivals)

Was unaware that Clint Chelf had another year of eligibility. JW will not be pleased. (Big 12 Sports)

The average finish for teams ranked No. 13 in the preseason AP poll is No. 15. (Football Study Hall)

Where have I seen this headline before……… (Scout)

Details on TV for the OSU-Lamar game. Good to go if you live in Oklahoma or Texas. (okstate)

Is Chelf about to get Belldozered (see video below)? (Tulsa World)


A recap of Marcus Smart’s summer. (O’Colly)


Best show on TV, best writer of that show. Good combo. (Grantland)

Last time I’ll post this but I wanted my Bullets-only people to see it: I’m joining the Sports Animal. (PFB)

I didn’t realize Texas was this experienced. (Football Study Hall)

Thumbs up on the Big Lead redesign. It looks great. (Big Lead)

This is cool: a timeline of the Thunder. (Daily Thunder)

Interesting article on Robin Ventura and his semi-clash with his GM. (Sun Times)

This is so good. (Godin)

This can’t be real, can it? (Big Lead)




There were many times I wished OSU could release Jacob Lacey.


So jealous.

In fact, this is how we all collectively feel:

I’m pretty ready myself.

Remember when Blake Bell was a 50-1 favorite to win the Heisman?

How great is this? Dude hits half court shot the first week of his freshman year for free tuition.

The dramatic shot of Herbie is hilarious.

I believe this is old but I just found it on YouTube so here you go freshmen:

Big 12 preview.

This looks well done.

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