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QB roundtable, Tony Lindsay pic, new recruiting list, Calvin Barnett left off All-Big 12 team, Jrue Holliday talks Marcus Smart.



I was kind of, sort of tracking the podcast yesterday and it was ranked as high as #116 overall in all sports podcasts and #4 in college sports podcasts yesterday. Pretty crazy and thanks to you guys for downloading.


This is interesting, I think it’s going to be pretty hard to keep LBJ (my nickname for him) off the field. (NewsOK)

Fun QB roundtable here with the Big 12 guys. Petty is the consensus All-Big 12 pick and OSU the consensus for “most likely to use two QBs all year.” (ESPN)

It’s going to take a lot more than this to talk me into a two-QB system. Also, that Tony Lindsay pic! (NewsOK)

Pretty good OSU bucket list here, though The Walk isn’t in my top 10 (or 100). (O’Colly)

This is good to hear, a key to OSU’s season, I think. (NewsOK)

Here’s more on who could start at QB for each Big 12 school. (ESPN)

I think this is where I make a Jamie Blatnick joke…. (NewsOK)

Justin Gilbert a top five prospect. (SB Nation)

The new Rivals 250 list is out and OSU has some people on it. (Rivals)

Devin Davis wears a size 18 shoe. Wow. Good story here. (Tulsa World)

OSU’s most important recruit is Mason Rudolph. (ESPN Insider)

Jimmy Bean banged up, I bet he and Sam Wren split time opposite Tyler Johnson to start the season. (Tulsa World)

Fan reaction to preseason polls is always fun. (O’Colly)

Tracy Moore thinks David Glidden will have a breakout year. (Tulsa World)

Will JW Walsh play this season? It’s possible! Perhaps! I could see it happening! (NewsOK)

Justin Gilbert has intercepted two Pro Bowl QBs. (ESPN)

This two-QB system worked extremely well. How much did Simmons and Lindsay hate each other?? (NewsOK)

Ubben has OSU at 9-2 through 13 weeks. (ESPN)

Stewart, Lewis, Lowe, Gilbert on the All-Big 12 team here. No Barnett? (Sports Illustrated)


Jrue Holliday on Marcus Smart: That boy’s good. (CRFF)


Weeden named the starter. As much as you can have “eff you” games during the preseason, it feels like Weeden did. (Plain Dealer)

Definitely going to listen to this on concussions. (CBS Sports)

LOL. (Yahoo)

Yikes!! (NewsOK)

Any one-on-one interview with Chris Fowler is an auto-link. (Sports Illustrated)

This is a little nerdy but I really like the Mavs new site — it was built for mobile. (Mavs)

Vine has 40 million users. What’s the cashflow plan? (WSJ)

Haha, this is pretty funny. (Big Lead)

I’m really pumped for this app to come out. (Forbes)

The worst sports Twitter accounts to follow. (Big Lead)

I don’t usually feel like I work either. (Acuff)

Wow, this beat writer gives an intense interview about what it’s like to cover an NBA team. Get through the first paragraph, trust me. (Blazers Edge)

I don’t understand why this was such a big deal. They were going to go with Jason Campbell? No.

Sooo…the people who work at the store do it for free?


He’s not the best #11 in school history…


Hah, this is pretty good. The House one was great.

How in the world is this a thing?

I’ll watch this.

And I’ll definitely watch this.

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