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Daily Bullets: Mississippi St. gets bulletin board material

Bob Stoops with a Lloyd Christmas reference, OSU gets another QB, hoops preview (already!), Boone and a supermodel.




Oops. (Cowbell Tolls)

Mike Gundy thinks kids from Kansas don’t get recruited because there aren’t many airports. (NewsOK)

ESPN’s QBR stat says JW Walsh is the better choice at QB. (ESPN Insider)

Just what we need: Another QB! (CBS Sports)

Robert Allen writes about Brandon Weeden and it’s…something. (Scout)

I feel like Calvin Barnett always has thoughtful things to say. (Rivals)

I’m pretty intrigued by what’s going to happen at DE. (NewsOK)

4-star LB commits. (Tulsa World)

Parker Graham, man of many positions. (NewsOK)

OSU is one of five outsiders that could play for the title. (Big Lead)

Glenn Spencer is excited for people doing well in the NFL. (NewsOK)

The Big 12 continues to think Clint Chelf is a junior. (Big 12 Sports)

Marcell Ateman as one of the Big 12’s impact freshmen. (ESPN)

This article is locked, which is kind of amazing. (NewsOK)

10 more predictions for the season. (PFB)

One of the prettiest motions I’ve seen in a long time. (CBS Sports)

Bob Stoops references Lloyd Christmas somehow while talking about BBJ and the QB situation. (CBS Sports)


Oklahoma State not as deep or as loaded as KU. We sure about that? (Sports Illustrated)


ESPN going all-online. I’m in. via Sam Snelling (The Verge)

This is awesome: How Americans feel about the different states. (Business Insider)

Kevin Durant doppler radar shoes? (Sports Illustrated)

Malcolm Gladwell defends his 10,000 hour rule. (New Yorker)

Boone Pickens, a Manhattan wreck, a food truck, and a supermodel? Yeah, I’ll read. (WSJ)

Is Digg making a comeback? (Gigaom)

Interesting new spin on an old Netflix feature. (The Verge)

Pretty good album I’ve been listening to lately. (Spotify)

What the…

Really would be crazy.



Yup, well said.

RIP, video board.

Here’s the new QB. He looks worse throwing than Walsh!

The reaction!


Oh man, this looks great.

This isn’t new but I don’t think I’ve seen it.

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