Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Classic Gundy here: “For a second there, I was kind of worried about getting run over. Then I thought, ‘Well, I deserve to be run over.'” (NewsOK)

Did a podcast with the guys from Crimson and Cream Machine last night, we talked a lot about the Belldozer and it was actually pretty fun, good dudes over there. I come on at the 39-minute mark. (C&C Machine)

Ubben with a really rational, great post on what tomorrow means (and doesn’t mean) for OSU. (ESPN)

This seems like a non-sequitur. (Sports Illustrated)

Really good article from Berry Tramel on OSU storming the field of college football’s elite with a W tomorrow. (NewsOK)

Brandon Chatmon on how Brandon Weeden AND Justin Blackmon could have been Sooners. (ESPN)

Interesting stat on Montee Ball vs. Barry Sanders. (M-W Journal Sentinel)

Pretty funny look at some Oklahoman writers’ field storming experiences. I liked John Helsley’s the best. (NewsOK)

Anthony Slater and Jake Trotter with a really interesting email exchange here. (O’Colly)

Pretty raw thoughts from Andrea Riley on Kurt Budke here. h/t Ryan Cameron (WNBA.com)

Wow, really deep equations here on what OSU has to do to pass Bama from some Bama fans. Long, but intriguing read. (Roll Bama Roll)

Interesting look at the Gundy/Stoops coaching tree. (NewsOK)

Bedlam ticket prices are falling and I really REALLY would like to spend an entire game sitting next to Monken. (NewsOK)

I’ve made this leap before, it feels like 19 feet. (NewsOK)

Brendon Morris on the ride OSU’s seniors have taken this program on. (O’Colly)

Behind a paywall, but here’s an interesting look at five matchups with future pros from tomorrow. Here’s a quote from the guy who wrote it: “Weeden has above-average arm strength.” I want to see great arm strength if Weeden’s is simply “above-average.” Do I need to watch Griffin more to see what an NFL arm should look like? (ESPN Insider)

Tony Allen’s gold-plated sweaters and shoes made of whale blubber were swiped last night. (Ball Don’t Lie)

Chalk up another “Alabama at #2 isn’t by any means done deal” Harris poll voter. h/t @BradF79 (AL.com)

Brandon Weeden is a Manning Award finalist…along with nine other dudes. Seriously though, there are so many awards that I pretty much stopped caring about anything that isn’t the Heisman. (Big 12 Sports)

Good story from Reid Forgrave of how far Gundy, and OSU, have come. And since he works for Fox Sports, if you want to call him the anti-Thayer I won’t be opposed. (Fox Sports)

Rick Reilly has had the career arc of Roger Clemens (amazing, beloved, switched teams, loathed, hanging on because of a ruse) and him using poor arguments to get OSU in the title game doesn’t change my opinion that he’s become not very good at his job as of late. (ESPN)

No offense dude, but if you’re rooting for OSU on Saturday, I have to question how much of an OU fan you were to begin with. (ESPN)

I just don’t understand how you don’t have Brandon Weeden on this list. (Dr. Saturday)

You were worried about losing sources you rely on?! Are you kidding me? (Syracuse.com)

Really smart read on the BCS here by Bomani Jones. (SB Nation)

Intriguing, if not pompous, view at the ups and downs of being popular on Twitter. (ESPN)

Chris Jones interviews are the best. (Nieman Story Board)

And just because it’s the Friday before Bedlam… (I love the fan reaction at 0:50)

  • Scott

    I read the articles in the DOK this morning and I am a little curious about all the “encouragement” the writers are giving our fans to storm the field in the event of a Cowboys victory. Really? OSU is ranked 3rd in the country and the favorite in this contest. Celebrate, cheer, cry, yell, and then sing the Alma Mater, but as Barry Sanders demonstrated, act like you belong there!

    • Erik

      I absolutely agree with Scott! The only reason I could justify storming the field is that by winning we win the Big 12. But still, we are the #3 team in the nation. Please don’t storm the field…

      In other news why are we talking about storming the field at all? Can we play the game first?! Last time we considered a game won before it started, it didn’t turn out so well and ISU students were storming the field.

  • Hey kyle, you think you could track down the “that’s the most embarrassing thing i’ve ever seen” guy and get a podcast with him?? any possible relation with scooterandjack ya think??

    • I would love to think that it took that guy 10 years to get over the 2001 bedlam loss and the first game he mustered the courage to go back to Gaylord Memorial was against Tech this year.

    • Kyle Porter

      Hahaha. I thought that WAS Jack. Also, is that Aubrey at the end surveying the field?

  • grace

    I was so at that game and remember getting on the field with the team when we won….the OU Stadium was covered in red roses. It was awesome. Can’t really top that win for me since my brother got to play in it…but tomorrow’s would be a close call! Go pokes!

  • Thank goodness ESPN figured out that whole “ticker” thing. How awful were the 1/4 screen news updates?