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Daily Bullets: Gundy names a QB (kind of)

Gilbert was protecting himself last year, Vic throwback winner, Gundy hates our schedule, we’re good at tailgating.



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Does Gundy know the definition of a backup, or no? (ESPN)

Also, he feels “obligated” to play both of them? (NewsOK)

OSU leading the tailgating poll. (Southern Living)

Just one time I want to see Yurcich answer this questions with a big “I’m going to effing put up 50 on this crappy SEC team we’re playing in week one!, stop asking me about Shippensburg!” That would be pretty great. (NewsOK)

Very good tribute by Whetsell to his mom. (CRFF)

Gundy is not a fan of resting his players. Huh? (NewsOK)

I’m with Klein, I think the schedule is actually fortuitous. (Tulsa World)

I like the style playing with a big dog. (O’Colly)

Gilbert says he feels lighter when he runs. (Rivals)

OKC Dave on how turnovers could affect OSU’s season. (PFB)

Blake Jackson as the x-factor? I’ll buy. 🙂 (ESPN)

Joe Wickline trying to set a record. (Tulsa World)

Wow: There’s no perfect (answer). It’s an issue. I think everybody would say you’d rather have an NFL quarterback and play one. That makes it a lot easier for everybody. (NewsOK)

Good interview with Kevin Peterson. (Rivals)

Brandon Chatmon says the two-QB system makes sense for OSU. Not sure I agree. (ESPN)

Mississippi St. has new unis. (Cowbell Tolls)

Another year, another Bedlam classic. (ESPN)

The most well-coached seasons of the last few years. (Football Study Hall)

NFL players on the rise. Via Brendon Morris. (NFL)

Starting Knight is actually the right move for OU. Belldozer scares the crap out of me as the backup, not so much as the starter. (NewsOK)


This guy… (Yahoo)

River in Egypt. And it’s strong. (CBS Sports)

Here’s the Jadeveon Clowney profile. I haven’t read it yet but heard it’s really good. (New York Times)

Some harsh language here but I like the premise. Via Michael Lane. (Medium)

Zuckerburg wants the whole world to be online.[1. You know how Gundy calls people by just their numbers? “Fourteen for OU is pretty good. Twelve for Texas is a gamer.” What would he do if he worked in another industry? How would he differentiate between co-workers?] (The Verge)

I laughed.

No, it didn’t.


What year is Berry’s computer from?

I like this.

The only thing I love more than beating OU is beating OU on a controversial call.

This is pretty incredible. via Bryan Jackson

I could do without Zac Effron but goodness this looks good.

Omg, it didn’t break that much, dude.

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