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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets: What the new offense will look like

Week 2 storylines, the Big 12 could be heavy at the top, why Spencer was on the sidelines, Smart gets first All-American award.




What the new offense will look like. (PFB)

Week 2 storylines — I’m really fascinated by the Big 12. (Fox SW)

Crazy good long read on how OSU’s offense adapted and Mississippi St. couldn’t keep up. (SB Nation)

Shaun Lewis is good at billiards. (NewsOK)

It was a blast every snap. (Rivals)

This is a pretty amazing graphic of which teams are smart and good. via Andrew Atteberry (WSJ)

Adam Kramer picks OSU to cover this week. (B/R)

I wanted to look them in the eye. (NewsOK)

I agree with this — I actually said this to Ubben on our podcast the other day. (NewsOK)

The UTSA game is like the Troy game in 2007 — except that OSU lost that one and it won’t be losing this weekend. (NewsOK)

I still don’t totally understand QBR but I do like that it’s on a 100-point scale and that JW is so high on this list. (ESPN)

Haha, the vitriol for JFF is pretty amazing. (CBS Sports)

The last time he played was like, ninth grade, or something. (Tulsa World)

Baylor still leading OSU and OU in recruiting rankings. (ESPN)


Marcus Smart gets the first of many All-American honors. (okstate)

Cowgirls get two ESPN2 games. (Big 12 Sports)

Vitale gets it wrong here: the duo to watch is Smart and Brown, not Smart and Nash. (ESPN)


I talked to my brother about Breaking Bad and Newsroom if you’re into those two shows. (PFB)

Jordan Niebrugge, good summer, yes? (O’Colly)

Looks like fun! (Big Lead)

Very excited about this app and will be testing it on PFB. (iTunes)

This is interesting: an Indian student talks about what he didn’t expect from America. (Business Insider)

How you get hired at Google. (Washington Post)

I’m pretty excited about the automated car. Really interesting stuff here. (CNET)

Pretty funny. Stevie and Phil look like they have the exact same frame.





This is the new promo video for Kevin DeShazo’s company — pretty cool.

Roddick is going to be good on TV.

Looks intriguing..

Looks awesome.

Love these during football season.

Dude is a freak. via Wade McWhorter

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