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Daily Bullets: NCAA investigator compares OSU to SMU

Batten down the hatches for another long day.




Smart column by Berry — shame now, fight later. I’m glad he stuck up for SI a little bit. Thayer’s a clown but Jon Wertheim etc. are not. (NewsOK)

Danny Kanell: Where did the first rumor start? (ESPN)

A former NCAA investigator compares this OSU case to SMU. (NewsOK)

This is pretty good — The sport of jaywalking. (SB Nation)

The case could be a major infractions case. (KOSU)

Here’s Oklahoma State firing back. (okstate)

Tatum Bell’s denial. George Dohrmann told Gottlieb he had Bell on tape. I’ll roll with the Pulitzer over Bell (and I like Tatum). (Big Lead)

Deadspin on the most important of the first story. (Deadspin)

Great Josh Fields interview here. (KOCO)

Excellent work here by Whetsell — smart questions, good thoughts. (CRFF)

Spencer Hall writes about the SI story. (EDSBS)

The John Talley-Kevin Fite disagreement is a big time issue. That doesn’t involved any former players… (NewsOK)

I wanted to do this but didn’t have time — the O’Colly put together a list of how everybody in the article left OSU. (O’Colly)

Ty Duffy has some questions about the SI article. Namely, what’s the point? (Big Lead)

Analyzing each SI allegation — thought this was great. (NewsOK)

Mary Fallin weighs in. (Tulsa World)

This is already starting. (Rivals)

So Kay Norris didn’t even own any rent houses in Stillwater? (NewsOK)

Billy Bajema defends John Talley which is fine but Talley was still doing something OSU (namely Fite) told him not to do (or didn’t approve). (Tulsa World)


Death of Big 12 offenses might have been exaggerated. (Big 12 Sports)

There’s still a game this week! (okstate)

Wait…what? (Tulsa World)

Best passing performances in the last four years. (Football Study Hall)

Wow, the rating for the OSU-UTSA game was not good. (NewsOK)


Brazil! (Big Lead)

Holy cow, the worst corner kick ever. (Big Lead)

Whitlock was just crushing Thayer yesterday…



Today is 9/11 — this was my favorite post-9/11 moment. I can’t not get chills when I watch it.

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