Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Maybe we should let Obama and Romney lead summer workouts to determine the ’12 presidency? (NewsOK)

OSU scored six straight to beat OU last night. (okstate.com)

Sounds like the Browns are still considering Blackmon. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

…and on the arm of the guy whose ERA was only barely higher than his BAC last week! (O’Colly)

Justin Blackmon says one video game achievement he’s proud of is bowling a 300 on the Wii. (USA Today)

St. Louis’ beat writer doesn’t think the Rams are drafting Blackmon. (St. Louis Dispatch)

Ubben says success this year equates to nine Ws. (ESPN)

Haisten says it’s Lunt and has good reasons why. (Tulsa World)

Tony Allen doing dirty, dirty things. (Got Em Coach)

Gina analyzes where the best landing spot would be for #81. (NewsOK)

Tennis all-academic team, baby! (okstate.com)

Robert Allen talks to Terry Miller. (Scout)

Heh heh. (Sports Pickle)

Well, it’s better than nothing but I don’t really see why you can’t have the semifinals at home stadiums. It seems like a money issue and the TV rights are going to generate like $82 billion anyway. (ESPN)

This is awesome, although I’m mildly surprised Rashaun Woods didn’t make the list. (Grantland)

Is Netflix dead? (New Yorker)

I don’t know what to make of this but it’s pretty funny…

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2:44 mark. Yes.

  • DJN

    I wonder what “dog-cussing the crap” out of Lunt entails?

    • Nate

      Ha I could say “Kyle is the best blogger on the planet” and I would still get attacked.

      Johnathon = mindless idiot #173

      • Johnathon

        No, but I would enjoy healthy discussion and conversation. You only write hateful things about him, every poster, and essentially oklahoma state athletics. Oklahoma State is a family. I don’t agree with everything Kyle writes, but he is a fantastic source of information on oklahoma state athletics, and i treat him and everyone on this site with the respect they deserve as such.

        For example, instead of:
        I kinda think it’s funny that you’re basing Lunt being the starter on one nicely thrown ball and one mildly “duck” thrown ball by Walsh.

        You could write:
        Didn’t you say Walsh was the guy like last week? Isn’t it a bit fast to decide Lunt is the guy, because of one bad ball from JW?

        I disagree with Kyle about Lunt, but I’m also a dick, appreciate the work he does. Give me your blog and insight, and i promise i’d treat you the same. Because we are family. Even you if act like my spoiled brat cousin.

        • Johnathon

          also i have no idea where im a dick came from. i can be sometimes i guess. haha

  • Nate

    Maybe I should clarify. But first, thanks for jumping all over me like a rabid, inbred idiot, BMyles. Wouldn’t expect anything less from you.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but were you not tweeting this video out yesterday pointing out Walsh’s “duck” to confirm that Lunt would be the starter, Kyle? Not a huge issue because I figure you were half kidding anyway, but l just find the whole premise of it dumb. And yes, I read the conversation you guys had about the QB race yesterday.

  • Wooly

    I’m too lazy to look up the numbers, but it would be interesting to see where Woods ranked in the list from the Grantland article

  • Johnathon

    I might actually get involved in conversation on this site if it were not for nate.