Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

You can join the Pistols Firing Bowl Pick ‘Em on Yahoo today. First prize will be your choice of bowl memorabilia (hat, shirt, program, etc.) up to $30. Cool? Cool. I’m saying your choice mostly because I’m hoping they come out with some better gear after a Fiesta Bowl W than they have right now. (Yahoo!)

Presented without commentary. (NewsOK)

Another pretty good Christmas card here, the Holder big head is by far my favorite in this one. h/t Scott Walderbach (JibJab)

OSU picks up a three-star DE from Wichita. (NewsOK)

Gundy is the Eddie Robinson coach of the year…and can’t get a contract done. (NewsOK)

The tone everyone takes with Nash is odd, it’s not coddling, but definitely very sensitive. (NewsOK)

Most Jenni Carlson article ever? (NewsOK)

This article makes it seem like Fred Gulley is the key to OSU’s basketball success… (Big 12 Sports)

Ubben says OSU is a 7-9 win team next year with some upside. I’d say 9 wins IS the upside. (ESPN)

Austin Murphy says the Fiesta Bowl is king. (Sports Illustrated)

Kansas State, Texas, and OSU are all on Joe Lunardi’s first eight out of the Dance. Probably a little early, eh? (ESPN)

Stanford and OSU are Barry Sanders’ one-two punch right now. Good thing we can’t settle this on the fie…wait. (NewsOK)

ESPN has put together a pretty cool landing page for the Fiesta Bowl. (ESPN)

AD Franch is a Soccer America MVP. (okstate.com)

Gina Mizell with a good point here: OSU has seven players on the billion (or so) All-American teams…and its best player isn’t one of them. (NewsOK)

Wow, some pretty interesting comments from Charlie Weis here on Kansas. (ESPN)

Click below to see some of our superlatives from this season.

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Good stuff here from Travis Brown on last night’s game featuring Marcus Smart and Phil Forte. (ESPN Dallas)

And Tony Allen isn’t afraid to weigh in either:

This video is hilarious, nice shout outs from Reggie Jackson and Marcus Dove. Plus a Pistols Firing cameo! Big thanks to Robbie Crauder for passing it along.

  • I did a double take until I clicked through to the SI link. I couldn’t imagine a scenario where Cal/Texas was rated the best bowl game.

    • Kyle Porter

      I think that was right after I thought of my “rename the Holiday Inn in Stillwater the Holgorsen Inn” tweet and I just got really excited…

      Fixed though, thanks for the heads up.

  • CowboyThunder

    “ESPN has put together a pretty cool landing page for the Fiesta Bowl.” Yeah, it is cool… except for the title bar on that page: “2011 Fiesta Bowl – Connecticut Huskies vs. Oklahoma Sooners.” Whoops.

    • A. I wanted to punch Marcus Dove when he did his stupid hand-bird crap. He’s one of my Top 5 least favorite Cowboys. You can’t have a signature hand-bird when you average 2 points a game.

      B. Blackmon on the JibJab was classic.

      C. I wish I could talk like Thabo.

      • reformedsooner

        Kevin, you’re probably one of those guys that don’t like Shaq or something.

  • Brian

    I thought at Halftime that Gottlieb was going to break out into a down right gigglefest with how giddy he was that Marcus Smart was going to be an OSU Cowboy next year. I can’t wait to see him play with all the kids from this year having another year of experience.

  • Reed

    Ubben also said OSU would be 6th in the big 12 south in 2010, and the team most likely to disappoint in 2011.
    Dude’s clueless.