Daily Bullets – 6.23

Written by Kyle Porter

TERRIFIC story on Morgan Hoffman’s PGA Tour debut by Brendan Prunty. Hat tip to Ryan Camron for the article. (Star-Ledger)

In honor of tonight’s draft – Draft Express has LeBryan going #19 next year. (Draft Express)

Good stuff from Sam Bryant and the gang at SB Nation who draft their All-2000s OSU basketball teams. (CRFF)

OSU needs a pair of these that fit together to make Boone’s face. (Dr. Saturday)

Good compilation here by Berry Tramel showing that football truly does rule the college landscape. (NewsOK)

Strong words from a top-10 high school quarterback: “When we went down there, my family and I kind of fell in love with it. We liked the direction the program was going. We liked the quarterback situation.” In a related story, J.W. Walsh no longer likes the quarterback situation. (PJ Star)

Non-sports but terrific read on 2012 presidential candidate, Jon Huntsman by Chris Jones. (Esquire)

Also, if you haven’t read Simmons’ trade machine Picasso piece, well, where are we at in society? (Grantland)

  • FreeMason10

    Cool idea on their all 2000s bball team, but am I crazy for thinking they’re crazy on putting Eaton over Lucas at #1? And the only guy who actually put Lucas above Eaton put Bobik over Anderson at the two! For the heck of it, here’s mine:

    1) Lucas
    2) Anderson
    3) Tony
    4) Joey
    5) McFarlin

    • Kyle Porter

      Yeah it’s not really that difficult:


      …is mine too. Though it kills me to leave Mo Baker off that list.

      • FreeMason10

        100% co-sign. I almost put him in the PG slot just to get him there.

  • I can’t take anybody seriously who puts Marcus Dove as a 2nd teamer on an all-decade list.