Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Well, I think the saying is [expletive] just got real in Stillwater. (Tulsa World)

It’s embarrassing that people even have to ask him about this. (NewsOK)

Here’s a little more on the Gundy contract situation from Bill Haisten. I just can’t fathom what he’s asking for that’s holding things up this significantly. (Tulsa World)

Does it make me smile to be included in the bowl media guide by the same organization that has repeatedly told me I’m not a legitimate media outlet? Why yes, yes it does. (okstate.com)

Gina Mizell grades out OSU at each position. I think d-line should have gotten an A, I mean you guys have seen the d-lines we’ve had the last 5 years, right? (NewsOK)

Fred Gulley is trying to transfer. How’s that 10 years for Ford looking right now, Holder? (O’Colly)

The Fiesta Bowl auction is up and running. (Bidding For Good)

Vote for Mike Gundy in Ubben’s coach of the year poll. Also, I want to know who’s voting “other”??? (ESPN)

Great job by Jenni Carlson here on Weeden’s minor league playing days and the relationships he built. (NewsOK)

Some good stuff in here about Stanford vs. OSU as Ubben and Pac-12 blogger, Ted Miller go back and forth. (ESPN)

After Gina tweeted that Gundy said this in his press conference I didn’t figure it would be long before it went live. (HireCoachGundysCoaches.com)

This is kind of from out of nowhere, but a good post on the details of Peter Uihlein turning pro. (Golf Digest)

3-star corner who allegedly grew up an OSU fan says they were too late to the party, he’s going to OU. Which pretty much tells me you didn’t grow up an OSU fan. (ESPN Insider)

Some fascinating sports media predictions for 2012. (SBJD)

Stunning photography collection here by the Wall Street Journal. (WSJ)

If you like words and sports, or words and sports, or care about anything beautiful, or if you like to dream…read this. (Fury Files)

Really strange, interesting encounter between a UAB basketball player and the person who won’t let him play basketball. (Sports Illustrated)

This guy is an associate athletic director for Oklahoma State basketball:

  • DCPokeFan

    I want as much as any of us to see Gundy hired for a good, rewarding, long-term deal. I wish it would be soon. But seriously, Kyle, I’m not going to jump off any bridges because Sittler, of all people, writes this sort of negative stuff about the process. It just fits his MO in my opinion. And I’m not saying that there aren’t heads butting here: you’ve got sums of money at stake that beggar the imagination; you’ve got several high-ego, stubborn players in the game; you’ve got a well-known sports agent involved now…it’s not going to be a slap on the back and handshake over a contract sketched out on a napkin kind of deal. But consider the source (including the un-named “source”)!

    • FreeMason10

      Any guesses to who Sittler’s sources are? I’m going with with Gunnar and Gage Gundy.

      • htownpoke

        I think it’s someone on the board of regents and my certainty level is high.

    • reformedsooner

      probably Cale Gundy.

      • DCPokeFan

        Some of the quoted “source” passages sound like vintage Pat Jones to some I’ve been reading on the boards…

  • Jim Stanley

    Great. Just when I thought squinty was dead, he gets involved in contract negotiations.

  • Jim Stanley

    Squinty is the autocorrect version of Squinky

  • 1…I don’t buy Sittler’s stuff;
    2…negotiations are a 2-way street. If I was Gundy and wanted to stay that bad, I would be telling my agent what my goal was and say “GET THE DEAL DONE.” He has spoken all along about wanting to stay AND do what is best for the program, so I can’t see him demanding anything significant that would completely hijack the process;
    3…I don’t trust regents. I’ve been involved with enough BOD’s to know that people suddenly think they are experts just b/c they are on them. Those groups are ALWAYS more about egos than anything else;
    4…I don’t trust agents (see #2). Unless held on a tight leash, they will tend to do what is best for them. Agents should be skilled negotiators/advisors and proof readers. The rest should be at the direction of the client;
    5…Who knows what is going on behind the scenes. This could be taking so long b/c they are trying to work out plenty of money for Gundy and long term in a way that leaves the program in a position to maintain staff. Remember, Gundy took a bit of a cut recently to allow for the compensation of valued assistants. The quid pro quo of that may not come in straight compensation, and that may take some work to keep it legit and above board.
    6…Seriously Sittler, Texas A&M? (see #1)

    If either side manages to blow this up, then they have obviously become arrogant and a disenchanted fan base will blow them up.

    • bMyles

      Welp, I think Robert pretty much summed it up there.
      Well done.

      If this drags past the Fiesta Bowl then the entire OSU fan base should start to flood Holder’s inbox with outraged electronic mail.

      • Thanks….had too much time to think about it.

        Seriously, time is not that much of an issue for me, but I would think with all the negative press surrounding that aspect that someone would come out and say something like “Don’t worry folks, we aren’t in trouble here, we are just trying to work out a deal that is best for both, and sometimes that is not as simple as everyone thinks.”

  • CRJ

    I don’t think we can send this to Holder’s inbox enough times.

  • Chase

    Can you blame Gulley? Such a good defensive player with a coach who doesnt know a lick about def. Good luck to him! And yeah your exactly right if peterson was an osu fan growing up nothing would take him away from commiting here. What ou made the offer a week or 2 earlier, a true fan that wouldnt make a difference

  • G-Block

    Regarding the extended contract negotiations – reading between the lines, Gundy’s requests/ demands are not unusual: A pay raise commensurate with his performance and track record (improving every year the last seven years), and a long-term contract. The problem is, as I understand it, Holder gave a similar deal to men’s basketball coach Travis Ford (after his first successful season) and we all know how that is working out.

    Also, I heard from Robert Allen on the radio that Holder subscribes to the similar school of thought as Jimmy Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys: “With these facilities, ANY coach can win here.”

    Don’t take advantage of Coach Gundy’s loyalty and offend him by taking him and his successes for granted. Otherwise, OSU will lose nearly everything that they’ve gained (like the Dallas Cowboys).