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Well, I think the saying is [expletive] just got real in Stillwater. (Tulsa World)

It’s embarrassing that people even have to ask him about this. (NewsOK)

Here’s a little more on the Gundy contract situation from Bill Haisten. I just can’t fathom what he’s asking for that’s holding things up this significantly. (Tulsa World)

Does it make me smile to be included in the bowl media guide by the same organization that has repeatedly told me I’m not a legitimate media outlet? Why yes, yes it does. (

Gina Mizell grades out OSU at each position. I think d-line should have gotten an A, I mean you guys have seen the d-lines we’ve had the last 5 years, right? (NewsOK)

Fred Gulley is trying to transfer. How’s that 10 years for Ford looking right now, Holder? (O’Colly)

The Fiesta Bowl auction is up and running. (Bidding For Good)

Vote for Mike Gundy in Ubben’s coach of the year poll. Also, I want to know who’s voting “other”??? (ESPN)

Great job by Jenni Carlson here on Weeden’s minor league playing days and the relationships he built. (NewsOK)

Some good stuff in here about Stanford vs. OSU as Ubben and Pac-12 blogger, Ted Miller go back and forth. (ESPN)

After Gina tweeted that Gundy said this in his press conference I didn’t figure it would be long before it went live. (

This is kind of from out of nowhere, but a good post on the details of Peter Uihlein turning pro. (Golf Digest)

3-star corner who allegedly grew up an OSU fan says they were too late to the party, he’s going to OU. Which pretty much tells me you didn’t grow up an OSU fan. (ESPN Insider)

Some fascinating sports media predictions for 2012. (SBJD)

Stunning photography collection here by the Wall Street Journal. (WSJ)

If you like words and sports, or words and sports, or care about anything beautiful, or if you like to dream…read this. (Fury Files)

Really strange, interesting encounter between a UAB basketball player and the person who won’t let him play basketball. (Sports Illustrated)

This guy is an associate athletic director for Oklahoma State basketball:

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