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Daily Bullets – 7.20



Not the most well-written piece you’ll read today, but Melanie Hauser does a good job assessing Rickie Fowler. Hat tip to Ryan Cameron for the find. (PGA Tour)

Good news for the kid, bad news for OSU’s Thursday night tussle. (Arizona Star)

Another site picks OSU to finish 3rd in the Big 12. Another site I agree with. (CFB Pundit)

Bill Connelly says OSU’s adjusted record in 2011 was 13-0. I’m not completely sure what this means yet (though I think a portion of it refers to whether or not they would have beaten an average team in any given game). I’m not sure how that’s relevant, but it’s at least interesting. (SB Nation)

Your 2011 inductees into the OSU Hall of Honor. I grew up listening to Bill Platt’s “rounding third and heading home call” so it’s good to see him get in. (

Pretty in-depth look at the top 100 players in college basketball has JPO at #91. (Basketball Prospectus)

Here’s the 2011 Posse parking map. (

The preseason All-Big 12 team. Should just re-name the “omg we heart OU this year” team? (Big 12 Sports)

Oklahoma State’s S&P (the college football equivalent of OPS) in the four of the last five years has been incredible. SB Nation is really into these advanced stats. (SB Nation)

So Markelle Martin is the #1 safety and Brandon Weeden isn’t a top 5 quarterback? (NFP)

If I still lived in Oklahoma I would definitely go to this. (NewsOK)

Ubbs has OSU with the best offensive line in the Big 12. Duh. (ESPN)

James Poling with some quality thoughts here on the ubiquity of soccer on American TV. (O’Colly)

The golf forecaster for this weekend has two Cowboys finishing in the top 15. (ESPN)

The Irish are so awesome. (Wei Under Par)

The new Macbook Air looks pretty cool. (Apple)

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