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Jenni Carlson doing Jenni Carlson things with this Colton Chelf story. I’m not sure how you can read this and not at least feel something. (NewsOK)

Insightful post here on the life of JamesOn Curry. Strangely touching. h/t Jordan Moore (SB Nation)

So what’s this going to look like when Keiton is off? (NewsOK)

Very interesting and intelligent post by Matt Hinton on Gundy getting what he wants (and I’m not talking $$). (Dr. Saturday)

13 million people watched the Fiesta Bowl this year as opposed to 10 million last year. (Sports Media Watch)

Great post by Sam Bryant on the decline of the assist at OSU. (CRFF)

Touching move by Texas Tech to play the OSU alma mater after the Cowgirls’ conference opening loss. (Lubbock Online)

So OSU has Weeden and Blackmon and is 30-1 to win the 2011 title and then loses Weeden AND Blackmon and is 40-1 to win the 2012 title? Huh? (KegsnEggs)

I’m slowly, quietly turning the hull of my ship to point itself directly towards “can this guy.” (CBS Sports)

Todd McShay says Justin Blackmon isn’t AJ Green or Calvin Johnson and thinks he’ll fall to eight or nine. (ESPN)

This picture of Justin Gilbert, Brodrick Brown, and Markelle Martin is hilarious. (Sports Illustrated)

John Klein on the growth of Gundy. (Tulsa World)

Barry Sanders will announce his collegiate intentions on Saturday. (News On 6)

And he debunks the myth that he is “Barry Sanders Jr.” (ESPN)

Interesting: K-State’s offensive coordinator thinks the OSU game could have ended a lot differently if Collin Klein had checked into the play he wanted. (Wichita Eagle)

Wes Lunt on Todd Monken: “It will be good for him to get his hands on me and work me out a little bit.” Also, I’m not buying that Colton Chelf played over Tracy Moore simply because he practiced better. There’s more to the story than that. (NewsOK)

Ted Miller recaps the final drive in regulation from Stanford’s perspective. (ESPN)

The Pac-12 schedule was released yesterday, OSU will play at Arizona on September 8. Weeden facing Mike Stoops in Stillwater does not scare me, Chelf facing RichRod in Tuscon does. (Pac-12)

Berry Tramel relives the ’95 golf title over Stanford. (NewsOK)

I think I spent 15 minutes watching these. You will too. (SB Nation)

Oh you mean like this?

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