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Daily Bullets – 8.17



Cooper Bassett is legit. I love guys who love the program the way all of us love the program. (The Express Star)

Is Boone going to keep the conference together? (NewsOK)

What does Justin Blackmon have to do to win the Heisman? Well, Chris Huston says no matter what he does he probably can’t. (Heisman Pundit)

Wilson Youman’s jersey goes both ways. (NewsOK)

Joe DeForest says Quinn Sharp might not get the field goal kicking duties. Great stuff from John Rhode here, and a great addendum to my post on Monday. (NewsOK)

Hat tip to @scking for finding this interesting article on what Texas Tech’s president thinks about the new Big 12. He sounds like he’s on the warpath to find a tenth team. (Dallas Morning News)

Blackmon: “It’s not like we’ll cancel a game just because we have to play on the road. You just suit up and play.”(Tulsa World)

If you think superconferences aren’t going to happen, you should probably read this. (ESPN)

CBS with their All-Big 12 team. Five Cowboys on it, this should be the minimum on everyone’s preseason teams. (CBS Sports)

Great article here from Dennis Dodd on how the two best wideouts in America are both from Oklahoma. (CBS Sports)

Rivals has Justin Blackmon as its preseason #1 receiver. Duh. (Rivals)

The Sports Pickle looks at new names for the Big 12. Solid, but feels like they could have done better. (Sports Pickle)

(Texas A&M president) R. Bowen Loftin: “We’re also very concerned about the members of the Big 12. We don’t want the Big 12 to go away. We have no intention of doing anything that might precipitate that.” Sorry, I can’t take that statement seriously. You can’t play both sides there R. Bowen. (Dallas Morning News)

I still don’t understand how The U story doesn’t get out. They were working it for over 300 days and nobody talked! (Yahoo)

And Spencer Hall just kills it here. (EDSBS)

Matt Hinton doing work on The U as well. He correctly writes, “if this isn’t a death penalty case, then the death penalty no longer exists.” (Dr. Saturday)


You’re up, Weeden2Blackmon.

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