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Daily Bullets – 8.19



This is why I want OSU in the Pac-12, because Larry Scott means business. (ESPN)

In a lot of ways (most ways really) you and Peter Uihlein will never have anything in common. There’s this though: “I am a fantasy football junkie. I am a huge fantasy baseball junkie. I could tell you the starting lineup for the Marlins and the Padres. We were talking about that at the Nationwide event. We were talking baseball all day. I said `I think I can name the starting lineup for the Padres’ and I did it. I shouldn’t know that, but I do.” (

Anthony Slater kicks off his look back at the 10 best athletic moments from last school year. (O’Colly)

Good info here from John Rhode on the importance of the big guys up front for OSU. (NewsOK)

Pretty thoughtful column here by Jenni Carlson, props to her for writing this. (NewsOK)

OSU finishes 7th in most merchandise sales for the 2010-2011 school year. We need to be better than Tech, people! (ESPN)

Desmond Roland could get playing time, he might be my new Justin Gilbert. (NewsOK)

I’m really becoming a big fan of Shaun Lewis. As I’ll talk about in the podcast today with Andrew McGee, he reminds me of a smaller Patrick Willis. (Tulsa World)

Justin Blackmon: “”Until somebody takes it from them, it’s their conference.” (ESPN)

Good summary by Bill Haisten of where the defense is at right now depth-wise. (Tulsa World)

Great column here by Ubben on how Gundy has raised the bar in Stillwater. (ESPN)

Brian Smith says Brandon Weeden is the 10th best player in the Big 12. Are people serious with these predictions. I mean, what am I missing? (Fox Southwest)

Chip Brown interviews Boone Pickens about realignment. Boone’s not happy with A&M and he takes a few shots at Brown as well. Pretty feisty for an 83-year old. (ESPN Austin)

Speaking of futbol teams being loaded… (

And the Cowgirls kick it off with games against TCU (tonight) and UAB (Sunday) this weekend. (

Alex Noren says the Atlanta Athletic Club was the most pristine place he’s ever played…besides Stillwater. Hat tip to Ryan Cameron. (

The insane Georgetown China melee in case you haven’t seen it yet. (The Dagger)

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