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Really great preview over at SB Nation on the 2011 season. They make two really great points about Bill Young defenses and give you a pretty stout position by position breakdown if you’re interested. (CRFF)

Rivals says Arizona, OU, and Arkansas have better receivers than Oklahoma State. (Rivals)

For KD’s encore to dropping 66 in Rucker on Monday he will…get shown up by John Lucas?!? (NY Daily News)

How about a little love for FreeMason10’s dad in the Tulsa World? I complained a little on Twitter last night that Gundy shouldn’t have uttered his “I would recommend buying [BCS tickets]” line but I also have, in the past, wanted him to be more candid. I feel like I’m going back and trying to have it both ways now. In retrospect, I’m glad he said it. I’ll always take open, honest, and light-hearted over the inverse (see: Pelini, Bo). (Tulsa World)

Interesting look at the most famous touchdowns from every yardage distance (1-100+) in NCAA history. Barry checks in with the 67-yarder in the Holiday Bowl. (ESPN)

Two dudes get into a knife fight arguing OU vs. Texas. Wow. (USA Today)

David Ubben says Hubert Anyiam is back. (ESPN)

LeBryan Nash had an “academic issue” that just got resolved. Ford said: “Until it becomes immediate and to the wire, he probably didn’t put as much effort into it as he probably needed to.” Just what you want from your franchise. (Tulsa World)

Speaking of academic issues, what’s the deal with all these linemen who want degrees in majors I can barely pronounce? First Brantley, then Butler, now Lewis. (Scout)

Here are the details on media day this Saturday in Stillwater. For all my non-Stillwater-ites it will be live streamed online. (

OSU soccer girls will get some run on the Fox Soccer channel this fall. (Big 12 Sports)

Peter Uihlein dropped a 70 at the Western Amateur yesterday, good for 14th place. (Western Amateur)

Brett McMurphy with some good stuff from Dana Holgorsen’s media day. (CBS Sports)

Wait, Bill Stewart removed a WVU pin from his suit and pinned it on Holgorsen when he arrived there? Maybe he should have stabbed him with it instead? (Yahoo)

Incredible piece by Joe Posnanski on one of the unbreakable records in sports. (Sports Illustrated)

Not completely sure what this means yet but it’s interesting (hat tip to @okc_dave on the find)…

Not sure how valid this but it’s Wisconsin’s official football Twitter feed.

This is just Euro-awesome.

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