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This, my friends, is what it’s all about. (Tulsa World)

This should really be Weeden’s personal logo. (Twitter)

If he won the job, we all won the job. (NewsOK)

So there’s not even going to be a QB competition in Cleveland. Wow. (ESPN)

“I’m pumped, I’m jacked, I’m ready.” (NewsOK)

As Nolo so eloquently put it, “OSU was finally the team that got screwed so hard the BCS decided to go to a playoff.” (Sports Illustrated)

The Jags relied heavily on Todd Monken for their Justin Blackmon pick. (NewsOK)

Jeff Fisher was not happy about the Blackmon pick. (Big Cat Country)

Some incredible Monken quotes in here. The one about Landry is classic but my favorite one is the one about “everybody trusting that cat out there.” (ESPN)

Tony Allen saying “isn’t that sweet.” No, really. (Sports Illustrated)

I actually agree with Jenni that it’s strange OSU would release the news on Lunt on the same day as Weeden and Blackmon got drafted, unless they were trying to bury it. (NewsOK)

Cool interview with Trey Wingo and Brandon Weeden, both consummate professionals. (ESPN)

Vote for the OSU fan shirt here. I went with #3. (

Here’s the money last year’s first round picks made. (

It doesn’t sound like Browns fans are excited about Weeden. (Dawgs by Nature)

And Jags fans aren’t necessarily thrilled with Blackmon either. Do these people not watch college football?? (Big Cat Country)

John Klein says experience, not age, is the big difference between Weeden and Lunt. (Tulsa World)

Here’s the press release on Lunt, glad OSU has their own beat writer to conduct interviews, how else would we hear from the kid?? (

Jags fans reacting to the Blackmon pick is awesome. (Big Cat Country)

I agree with Berry on a lot of these re: Lunt. (NewsOK)

Cowboy start a three game set with K-State tonight. (

Oh… (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

The Jags coaches and personnel sound pretty excited. Gabbert looks like he just had an orgasm. (

Mascot mock draft! (Bleacher Report)

This is a really great way to follow the draft tomorrow and Saturday. (

Travis Haney has no idea why OSU was so hell bent on naming a starting QB yesterday and really, I concur. (ESPN Insider)

Good article here by Mary Kay Cabot on Weeden and Richardson hoping to transform Cleveland. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Do you work for Chesapeake? If you do, you might want to think about not working for Chesapeake. (Wall Street Journal)

Brian Phillips doing work here on the Thunder: “it takes a light-bulb moment, like when a teenager decides to back off the drugs now in order to do better drugs after law school.” (Grantland)

Old pics of NYC are stunning. (Daily Mail)

More Jags fan reaction…(quite the contrast with their reaction to picking Gabbert last year)

Here’s Wes Lunt’s high school coach reacting to him being named the starter.

2012 Weeden Christmas card?

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