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Jimmie Tramel has a candid chat with Doug Gottlieb and Travis Ford. Separately, of course. (Tulsa World)

Good article by Ryan Stewart on playing Markel at the 1. (Scout)

Very creepy picture of Mike Gundy in this article. (NewsOK)

Six teams this last season averaged 500 yards a game and nine averaged 40 points. OSU did both. (Yahoo)

Holder couldn’t afford the extra $0.12, or what? (ESPN)

Meet “very angry at the refs on Keiton Page’s behalf” Travis Ford. (NewsOK)

And if you don’t like him, I can introduce you to “very angry at OSU fans and writers on Keiton Page’s behalf” Travis Ford. (Tulsa World)

It’s weird to me that Keiton just now passed JamesOn in career points. (NewsOK)

More WR! More WR! More WR! (ESPN)

OSU is in the top 30 in “starters returning” for next season with 16. Problem is, those six they’re losing (Weeden, Blackmon, Martin, Garner, Cooper, Adcock, and Martinez) are…kind of an important six. (Phil Steele)

Interesting: Mike Gundy taking a page out of the Bill Belichick playbook. (NewsOK)

A few minor recruiting notes here. (NewsOK)

Good article by Berry Tramel on the evolution of the tight end and what it means for Oklahoma State. (NewsOK)

Wow, Jaydon Mickens says OSU is in the lead for his services. (Tulsa World)

We beat Iowa State in something! (okstate.com)

Well, I got one of my five. The one I wanted least, but still. (Rivals)

Great pic of Blackmon here. (Sports Illustrated)

This has to be the most rambling, random post I’ve ever seen from the Oklahoman…or Berry for that matter. (NewsOK)

Says the guy with the 23-18 career record. (Twitter)

  • Something Witty

    “Everybody’s game plan is to stop Keiton Page and bear-hug him. That’s what they do. They bear-hug him. He comes off screens and they bump into him.

    “I’ve got friends in this league. We talk. ‘Be physical with Keiton Page.’ Everybody talks about it. I know what they’re doing. I guess you can’t call them all. But c’mon. If anyone deserves it, the kid deserves it.” -Travis Ford And I’m pretty sure he rambled on to say something along the lines of ‘He just deserves what he deserves.’

    I thought he was drunk. Or has no clue. Or both. Seems like he’s trying to do his own version of “I’m a man. I’m 40. Come after me!” except that he sucks at it. Sure stand up for your players, but they bear-hug him? C’mon son.