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A lot of interesting quotes from Weeden in Peter King’s MMQB. (Sports Illustrated)

Just don’t read it, trust me, it’s for the best. (NewsOK)

Pretty sure Markel played the entire game after being “punished” by Ford. Also, Jurick being out for an extended period = uh oh. (NewsOK)

I think maybe some of these would have been better left unexplained. (NewsOK)

Dave Sittler retires. (Tulsa World)

Ford addresses the situation but then skirts the question. I’ve seen about 33 post-dunk taunts since Wednesday that were at least 2x worse than what Markel did. At least. (NewsOK)

““It’s a humbling experience to wrestle the No. 1 team in the country in their home gym.” (BU Bearcats)

“We didn’t see many differences between Weeden and Foles on tape.” Wow. (ESPN)

Pretty interesting piece here on winning each state in recruiting. OSU is not a player. (Rivals)

Comparing the arms of Kirk Cousins and Brandon Weeden is like comparing the voices of Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. h/t Colin Johnston (Packers)

Not sure why this is an article… (NewsOK)

Keiton, like, tried to dunk or something. It went badly for everyone. (CRFF)

“Yeah, let’s penalize the kid with no tattoos who stood and admired his dunk for 1.5 seconds while not saying a word to his opponent, surely that will benefit our sport and draw millions in to watch our crappy (compared to the NBA) product. Who’s with me?!?” (Sports Illustrated)

Pretty cool story about Jamie Blatnick’s bond with the girls basketball team. (NewsOK)

Peter Uihlein finished 12th in India, good for 3,600 Euros or $4,756.68 (Challenge Tour)

Mike Gundy has never had a top 25 recruiting class. (Rivals)

Ubben with OSU’s off season to-do list. (ESPN)

“Wait til next year!” I thought we said this last year? (NewsOK)

Doug Gottlieb has LeBryan as one of his six freshmen to blow up in the second half of the season. (ESPN Insider)

Not sure we need to keep rehashing this, but I could be wrong… (NewsOK)

Wow, there’s a parking lot on OSU’s campus nicknamed “the rape lot”?? (O’Colly)

Who does this? (Warriors Talk)

Markel Brown would have been kicked out of the Big 12 for this…

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