Daily Bullets – 9.14

Written by Kyle Porter

Andy Staples compares OSU to the movie, Unforgiven. (Sports Illustrated)

You HAVE to read this Justin Gilbert story. (Tulsa World)

These LSU Pro Combat gloves are all kinds of spectacular. (Campus Union)

I’m not a fan, but Dickie (Dicky?) V has LeBryan as one of his diaper dandies for next year. (h/t to DeShazo) (ESPN)

Tracy Moore doesn’t watch sports on TV. (Tulsa World)

Good column by James Poling on the origin of the big stick. (O’Colly)

Ah, @glang1 didn’t dig deep enough into his OSU media guide, OSU has in fact had a 100-100 game. (NewsOK)

Texas is running out of options. (Dr. Saturday)

If you can’t get excited about Kye Staley getting playing time this year then what are you doing? (NewsOK)

One projection has OSU vs. Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl (CBS Sports)

Goodness, Richard Justice just lights into Ken Starr (and Baylor) here. (Houston Chronicle)

OSU is currently 108th in the country in pass defense. (Tulsa World)

The second best conference in the country is about to not exist. (ESPN)

ESPN Insider stuff here but Blackmon is 9th in the Heisman predictor points. (ESPN)

Not ESPN Insider stuff: Blackmon moves to 6th in the experts’ poll. Weeden drops off the list altogether (don’t get me started). (ESPN)

Really cool video of Jeremiah Tshimanga that sounds like it’s being narrated by Keith Jackson. (Prep Ticket)

Good stuff from John Helsley on Quinn Sharp’s fake punt. (NewsOK)

Gundy on Twitter: ““I’m trying to stay out of social networking the best I can. I think it’s a losing battle. If you try to take social networking away from your players, that’s something you’re going to have to battle every day. I don’t want to fight that battle every day.” Appreciate the unintentional shout out to my boy at Fieldhouse Media. (Tulsa World)

Traber hates on OSU because “big time programs don’t play Thursday night games.” Tramel says OSU isn’t a big time program. (NewsOK)

Joe Randle cracks this list of top 25 running backs. (Rivals)

FINALLY somebody gives Weeden some Heisman love. (ESPN)

Since OSU last played at Tulsa the Cowboys have won 77 games and the Golden Hurricane 72, that’s pretty crazy, right? (News 9)

Well this is embarrassing…

I’m assuming this is solid?

  • Robby

    Haha, Traber. I guess LSU isn’t a “big-time program” since they are playing Thursday night this week.

    • Kyle Porter

      It’s an away game though, LSU didn’t schedule it, MSU did. Not to combat your “Traber is a tool” point, just to be fair to the story.

  • is LSU wearing their pro combats THIS thursday night???

    • Kyle Porter

      No, those are for the Auburn game in October.

  • KNelson

    I can’t wait for the OSU gloves to have Pistol Pete’s face on them. At what point in the Nike uniform takeover do we get these?

  • Greeeeenfield

    It’d be tight if our gloves had the old school (Barry) OSU logo on them

    • Kyle Porter

      That would be insane, I’m all for it.

  • @arin5000

    Thanks Robby for that. Traber is an idiot. I mean why wouldn’t you want literally everybody in Amurrica to see and talk only about your team killing another BCS conference team for two days?

  • Upgrayedd

    I think Pat Summerall is narrating the Tshimanga video.

    • Kyle Porter

      Is that really him?

      • Upgrayedd

        I’m not 100% but it really sounds like it to me. And as far as I know, Summerall still lives in Southlake.

  • ThirdEyeMystic

    Kye Staley could have got the BIG STICK with the block he put on the linebacker to free Randle on his first big run…it made my neck hurt just watching it. Surprised both got up after the play