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I love pretty much every single thing about this Terrel Harris story. (Sun Sentinel)

Quote of the year from Ford right here on all the highlight reel dunks: “my children are very excited about it.” (O’Colly)

Oh…”it was good to rub it in his face.” (NewsOK)

Good stuff from Slater on a beleaguered OSU hoops squad. (O’Colly)

Hunter Mahan’s Toms shoes he painted for the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. (Twitter)

Ford thinks Cobbins was yesterday’s most valuable player. (NewsOK)

Great recap by Chris Williams. I think our disdain for Iowa State this year still falls short of their disdain for GIA the last 25 years. (Cyclone Fanatic)

Here’s the Oklahoman’s year-end book on OSU’s 2011 run. Can we get Jonovan Griffin (page 36) to try out for the basketball team? (NewsOK)

I prefer “mat-ness.” (

Blackmon and Weeden will attend the combine (see also: water = wet). (NewsOK)

Couldn’t find a pic from this year? (Pony Express Award)

Berry Tramel on what’s wrong with college hoops. I’m with Simmons’ NBA plan here, why not wait until January to start? (NewsOK)

This is premature, but these guys have Markel on the short list of best collegiate dunking guards ever. h/t @coreyshafffer (Lost Lettermen)

Oh, was this a rivalry? (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal)

So we’re really doing this? (The Big Lead)

Josh Cooper and Brady Quinn working out together…

This is…amazing. h/t Quade

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? h/t DeShazo

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