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Daily Bullets: A history of OSU helmets

Berry talks advanced stats, Calvin Barnett talks national title, and the worst-case scenario for OSU hoops.




This is incredible. (CRFF)

A lot going on here…Calvin Barnett talks about the national title and JW Walsh doesn’t remember that OSU didn’t play the week after Iowa State in 2011. Pretty good article though. (ESPN)

Berry Tramel advanced stats alert. (NewsOK)

A history of OSU helmets. (Tulsa World)

Somehow this STILL doesn’t make sense. None of the three people involved are on the same page. (O’Colly)

Not sure the running game is what I would have picked to write about. (Kansas City Star)

Last note on Tyreek Hill for now. Will he play WR? Seems like the last thing OSU needs… (SB Nation)

Baylor, chromin’. (Fox SW)

The offensive line has to be better or OSU won’t win eight games, much less 10. (O’Colly)

For the nerds: Advanced OSU/WVU box score. (SB Nation)

I feel like Gundy doesn’t always get enough credit for how good he’s been at hiring. (NewsOK)

If I hear one more thing about Walsh being “a stand up guy for admitting his mistake….” WE GET IT! (Scout)

Big 12 as the third-best conference is dicey. (CBS Sports)

I wrote about the JW Walsh Experience yesterday. Probably just because I’m still in love with Wes Lunt. (PFB)

Pokes No. 21 in new FEI. (Football Outsiders)

Why Baylor, OU, and Tech could play for the title (OK, not Tech). (B/R)

I see both sides, I guess, but the allure of having somebody in place before Christmas is great. (NewsOK)

John Klein on the playcalling. Not totally sure what he’s trying to say. (Tulsa World)


So THAT’S how they’re doing it. (Yahoo)

Homecoming & Hoops will be on ESPNU. (okstate)

Interesting ticket idea here. (Pokelahoma)

More on Bob Kurland. He never played in the NBA. (CBS Sports)

This worst-case scenario for OSU…man. (Yahoo)


Russell Westbrook is having surgery again. (Daily Thunder)

Beer chart. (Foodspin)

This is terrific. (Atlantic)

Direct flights to Stillwater? (Stillwater Newspress)



This was tough to watch…

Here’s the full game. No idea why you’d want to watch it.

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