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Daily Bullets (Apr. 14): Gundy Talks 2018 Football



Yesterday’s rainy afternoon in Oklahoma would have been perfect for a final round of the Masters – here’s to a PFB community-wide Sunday golf nap and watching Rickie compete.

Bullets Rundown

• Gundy talks 2018 season, accepts responsibility for losses
• Rickie’s in range
• Gundy can possibly pick a gametime in 2019


• SB: OSU 12, Iowa State 3 and OSU 6, Iowa State 3
• BB: Kansas 5, OSU 4
• MG: Pokes finished fourth at the Thunderbird Invitational

OSU Bullets

• In a recent interview with Bill Haisten of the TulsaWorld, Mike Gundy answered some serious questions – I’ll be highlighting his answers for a week.

What would Gundy have done differently? (concerning the 2018 season)

“It would take forever to tell you,” he said. “I got out of my box on handling things as I should. I just thought everything would work itself out, and I wasn’t as disciplined (in making corrections).

“That’s why we won seven games. If I had done my job the way I should have, we would have won 10.” [TulsaWorld]

The change agent in the wins per the head man himself is a different type of involvement from his chair. Does that mean a more hands-on coaching approach when an issue presents itself?

A general deviation from the laissez-faire approach responding more to inquiries with a “we’re fixing it now” than a “we’ll see in a month” would come across better.

• Going into the last day of the Masters, Rickie Fowler is in range to compete for his first major win.

Rickie Fowler (T12, -7): We have repeated evidence of Fowler’s scoring ability at this course over the years, making him more likely to have the round of the day than others ahead of him on the leaderboard. A top-10 feels like a lock, but a win would be legendary for the golfer currently carrying a lead in that “best player without a major” conversation. [CBS Sports]

Tiger is lurking as the last day begins and there’s plenty of money on the line, here’s to Rickie shedding the prestigious title.

• There was an interesting detail wrapped up in the ESPN-Big 12 TV rights deal announced this week and it has to do with a new ability the coach has.

There will be one football game, each season, that will be on the package with ESPN+ and it can be moved to any of the ESPN platforms, but if it is streamed, Gundy could pick the time out. This season’s game will be the McNeese State at OSU game on Sept. 7, likely a 7 p.m. kickoff, but Gundy has always said he has his favorite kickoff time.

“I’m old school, you get a one, one thirty, two o’clock kickoff and that is the way college football should be played,” Gundy said like he has many times before. [GoPokes]

I like the 1:30 p.m. kickoff – it gives folks time to travel on both sides of the game (plus prevents a late night).

• I agree with this on-field ceiling for CJ Moore at wide receiver.

“He is kind of in that Marcell Ateman role,” Cowboys coach Mike Gundy said last week. “He is nowhere near where Ateman was when he finished, (but) has some of the skills Ateman had early in his career.

“He’s not as physical … but that’s the point and direction we want him to go and we need him to be there by October. That might be a push, but it’s a nice goal for us.” [TulsaWorld]

We’ll see what a taller Patrick McKaufman can do but Moore appears to have that high-end capability (big, athletic receiver) that Ateman had in Stillwater.

• Here’s what it will really cost the Boston Celtics to be without Marcus Smart early in the playoffs.

Smart would have matched up against the Pacers’ Bojan Bogdanovic in the first round. Bogdanovic is averaging 18 points per game this season on a blistering 42.5 percent from 3-point range. The Pacers are without Victor Oladipo and the series is still more than winnable for the Celtics.

Where this really hurts Boston is not having Smart for a potential second round matchup against top seeded Milwaukee. Smart would likely guard Khris Middleton, who was a key player for the Bucks in last year’s playoff matchup against the Celtics. [CRFF]

And that’s a big loss – losing an All NBA-caliber defender on the wing capable of shutting down an opponent’s primary scorer.

• This is cool – Hovland has been doing a diary for Golfweek at the Masters. He had himself an up-and-down third round on Saturday.

• Good piece looking at the status of Texas Football

Non-OSU Bullets

• The true story behind Michael Jordan’s baseball career

• The unveiling of Disney+

• The new Star Wars trailer came out this week

• Which Thunder team will show up in Portland today?