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Daily Bullets (Apr. 29): Examining Cade to G-League Concerns, What-If There Were No Eddie But Self Came Instead?



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Bullets Rundown

• Examining Cade-to-G League concerns
• What-if Bill but no Eddie?
• Cade’s an NBA-franchise player

OSU Bullets

A five-star point guard in the 2020 recruiting class has decided to play G-League ball (sort of the minor league for the NBA) – everybody’s mind jumps to how this could impact Cade Cunningham. 

I know nothing and talk to nobody at OSU but here are my two thoughts:

1) Cunningham’s brother is a coach at OSU and committed because “blood is thicker than water”, this would weigh on his decision.

2) While Cunningham is a NBA franchise-changing talent that you’d make room for, the southern California team is now paying six-figures for a point guard, a shooting guard and a forward. I assume Cade was a part of plan A and paying the next guy is plan B.

This Oklahoman article looked at a fascinating what-if: Eddie Sutton thrived at Kentucky, didn’t take the job in Stillwater, and Bill Self was hired instead

It’s hard to fathom this kind of thing being said about a player that’s planning on wearing an OSU basketball jersey this year.

(The 2021 NBA Draft is) (h)eadlined by two potential franchise players in Cade Cunningham and Jalen Green, who both would have likely been top picks in this year’s draft, the 2021 draft has considerable star power. [ESPN+ $$$]

Two things: a. “franchise player(s)” and b. “would have likely been top picks in this year’s draft”. Not only is Cunningham likely the best pick in the next draft (he’s projected first overall) but he would have been this year probably too. Mercy.

That time OSU played the Dallas Cowboys’ seventh-round pick

• Always enjoy a good behind-the-scenes look at the OSU facilities.

Non-OSU Bullets

• I liked this NYT piece on why college campuses must open in the fall
• This on who pays the national debt was insightful
Great faith-based (and virus-related) thoughts>
in “When Everything is Not Obvious”

• Finished Oklahoma’s Atticus yesterday – terrific. I think you have to enjoy reading Oklahoma history for it to be most enjoyed but a great book for those who liked Killers of the Flower Moon

• You knew it would happen at some point – someone got Anchorman‘d and wasn’t wearing pants on network TV.

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