Daily Bullets (April 20)

Written by Steven Mandeville
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Bill Snyder talked about some recruiting focus that sounds familiar.

Indeed, the Wildcats have thrived off such hidden gems who have been passed over by other programs for, according to Snyder, four primary reasons.

They hail from remote small towns.

They don’t go to the combine camps put on by recruiting services.

They’re lacking in a measurable, such as wingspan or 40 time.

They’ve yet to peak in football because they’ve played other sports.

“A lot of places are so high-profile in regards to high school football, like the state of Texas; they have high-profile programs there that are football 24/7, year-round,” Snyder said. “The state of Kansas is the perfect example; it doesn’t allow for kids to be involved in football all year. These young guys are playing two, three, four sports. They do everything. [ESPN]

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if there are a stack of handwritten letters next to Gundy’s desk clear up to his mullet discussing recruiting strategy with Bill Snyder. Gundy loves him some multi-sport guys – leads to a sharper, more well-rounded guy.

Let me tell you some town names the Pokes signed from in this last class alone: Oologah, Wagoner and Wynnewood are small Oklahoma towns. Gilmer, TX and Fitzgerald, GA – none sniff 10,000 inhabitants. The Stamford Star shines bright in Stillwater and these smaller communities are good to coaches like Gundy and Snyder who develop their kids.

Snyder and Gundy look at a lot of things in recruiting and not much correlates with “stars”.

Tell Your Friends

Sometimes all it takes is knocking down the first domino, sounds like Gundy and Co. hit the right one.

One thing that Mike Gundy has always had at Oklahoma State is an elite quarterback, and the 2018 class will be no different as signal-caller Spencer Sanders is already on board. Sanders committed last fall and is the heralded type of prospect that will help draw in more top offensive weapons. Sanders is also a perfect fit for the Oklahoma State style of offense. [ESPN]

I thought the “always had… an elite quarterback” was hyperbole but the Robinson – Weeden – Chelf/Walsh – Rudolph progression is nasty. Texas would trade Bevo for any of those cats post-Colt McCoy.

But ESPN singled out Sanders from the recruiting class saying he’s the guy that dudes will want to play with. He’ll have plenty of linemen and it should be fun to see the class unfold.

State of the Backfield

While the young guns (Hubbard and Fitzgerald) will clearly have every chance to win some touches, Robert Allen brings an update post-spring.

If you look at the practices and the scrimmages along with the spring game then Ja’Ron Wilson may have come out of the spring with a slight advantage but there is no doubt that Jeff Carr and La’Darren Brown also did some good things throughout the spring. In the spring game Brown’s performance coupled with good ball security was a huge plus. [GoPokes $$$]

Earlier in the piece he mentions La’Darren Brown showed more burst and production but had ball security issues while Jeff Carr played the vet with better security and less flash. Where walk on Ja’Ron Wilson plays in appears to be ahead of the two? Interesting aspect to watch.

OSU and NCAA Notes

College football’s ten best players returning from injury….A couple of rule changes for college football games in 2017, one for 2018….Softball fell 3-0 in loss to Tulsa last night….Indiana bans any athletes with history of sexual/domestic violence….Intriguing to see what the old Pitt OC does at LSU….Justice’s shoulder should be good to start 2017

Tubby Smith’s Memphis Tigers are going after the Cowboy decommit Amauri Hardy. Tigers have some roster spots to offer.

Weeden scored some sweet seats last night in Houston.

What You Missed on PFB
Other Stuff I’m Reading

What’s interesting about the playoffs: adjustments – what Milwaukee has done in this case….Porter gave out his midseason PGA awards….Really well written piece on former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez….WSJ offers advice to new mothers

Gosh I love sports.

Gut punch for the Thunder last night. College basketball is where the heart is but plays like this are why more people watch the NBA.

  • Christian Baker

    Just for the record Fitzgerald is the town where JD King is from, we do not have a RB named Fitzgerald. Before I accept any writing from a my middle school students, they are required to have at least one other person read it and sign it. Pistols Firing might look into a similar policy.

    • Lokeasy

      who signed off on this comment?

      • Christian Baker

        This is exactly the point, I don’t have anyone to read through my pointless posts to find little errors that I am going to miss when I read it again. I would think PF can manage a second set of eyes before they publish. I also fixed the one error in my post almost immediately. Moreover, if you’re going to make a comment about my mistake, sentences begin with capital letters, and “signed off” should be hyphenated, signed-off.

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          i believe i made my point well enough

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            Your point being you don’t grammar? Point taken.

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  • Doc Holliday

    Everyone be hating on Russ but literally who else is going to take those shots..Roberson might be the worst offensive guard I’ve ever seen in the NBA and Oladipo is soooooo inconsistent…McDermott is a shot maker but only gets to play so much. Everyone is mad but keep in mind this team was built for KD to play at the 3 not Andre Roberson. Moves will have to be made to get another good 3 man but the Thunder will be back! In Presti we trust!

    • Tyler

      I agree. But the Thunder did build a 12 point lead when Russ was playing out of his mind and getting people involved.

      Russ came out and the lead vanished. He has to do everything bc he can’t trust Adams and Oladipo.

      If Russ closes like he normally plays the Thunder win that game. Russ plays poorly in the 4th they lose. It sucks that Russ has to play at an MVP level to even win but that is the reality of Thunder basketball this year. Russ plays like the best player in the league = a Thunder win, Russ plays below that = a Thunder loss.

      I think you have to move some young pieces around. Our entire team is 3-4 years away from being in their primes except for Russ who is at his peak right now.

      • Doc Holliday

        They’re going to have to make a savvy couple moves in the offseason to get Russ some help

    • David Einstein

      You guys need to utilize the post more. Adams is the advantage.

      • Doc Holliday

        Who’s Adams?? I think you mean the Big Kiwi?

  • Clint

    “Texas would trade Bevo for any of those cats post-Colt McCoy.”
    Favorite comment of the day so far!!

  • Tyler

    People said the same things about Nick Starkel and he even was helping recruit kids to OSU. Until I see pen to paper I wouldn’t be start hyping these kids up.