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Daily Bullets: Audio of Dez Bryant’s outburst is great

Is Weeden done (no), more stats to show the futility of the offense, and I think Des Roland is the answer.




Some hilarious stuff on the Dez situation in here. (Grantland)

This piece on Weeden is very, very good. Also, not sure I can handle him backing up RG in Washington. (CRFF)

Desmond Roland had zero carries for negative yardage on Saturday. (NewsOK)

Audio between Romo and Dez. I bet the audio between Witten and Dez is a lot more fun. (Dallas Cowboys)

Justin Gilbert was trying to get on the ESPYs on Saturday. (NewsOK)

Best of the Mike Gundy press conference from Monday. (PFB)

Oklahoma State is 65th (sixty-fifth!) in points per drive this season. 10th in defensive points per drive though. (BCF Toys)

Kingsbury put the No. 98 up around Tech’s locker room to represent how many points OSU has beaten Tech by combined in the last two years. (NewsOK)

Dexter Manley, doing work. (Big Lead)

Gundy on Roland: “Sometimes after 15-17 carries, guys have a tendency to fade off. Keith Toston used to get better as the game went on. I’m hoping Roland can do that and get stronger throughout the game.” (ESPN)

I’m so terrified of Tech. (Fox SW)

Charlie Moore on the passing game: “It will come. We’re not worried about it.” (Yahoo)

Oliver Luck will be the next Texas AD. Hope he takes Dana with him! (CBS Sports)

“At some point, you are who you are. And the Cowboys are not a very good team at quarterback.” (ESPN)

CRFF had Rece Davis on a podcast. Pretty cool. (CRFF)

Desmond Roland was Big 12 offensive player of the week. That’s OSU’s 6th player of the week award. (Big 12 Sports)

Beefing up the non-con schedule isn’t just true of Baylor. Other Big 12 teams need to do it, too. (B/R)

Spencer on Tech: “They’ve coached this scheme up really well with them as far as the timing of the routes and getting the ball out of his hand. Kudos to them and their offensive staff.” (O’Colly)

Berry with a really interesting take on the Dez situation here. (NewsOK)

Any love for Tech’s new unis? (CBS Sports)

I think the offensive line can keep it up. (Scout)

Desmond Roland: “The whole week before we played, I was just dreaming about success.” (Tulsa World)


Game-worn Melvin Sanders jersey with the RT10 patch? Yours, if you can afford it. h/t Matt Quade (eBay)

Basketball highlights from Saturday and my thoughts on the new rules. (PFB)

Barkley on whether or not he’s seen Wiggins play: First of all, no. Why would I watch a high school player? That’s stupid. I’ve heard all the stuff. OK, he’s a great high school player. Let me see what happens when he gets to college. I mean, Kwame Brown was a great high school player.” (Sports Illustrated)

Myck Kabongo and DeShaun Thomas didn’t make NBA teams. (Yahoo)


Josh Fields to be inducted into the OSU baseball hall of fame. (okstate)

Johny Hendricks is fighting GSP pretty soon. (Bloody Elbow)

The day that rocked Butler University. (Indy Star)

This by Anthony Slater on Simmons and James Harden was great. (NewsOK)

“[Twitter] is a democratizing force in the literary world.” (SF Gate)

Can I interest you in a Dez dance-off from his freshman year?

Can’t wait.

Johnson needed to weigh, what, 40 more pounds for this to qualify as a fat guy TD?


Also, LeBron’s new commercial is awesome.

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