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Daily Bullets (Aug. 12): How OSU Could Win Ten Games, Mason Rudolph Settled In

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Two weeks from today:

Three Thoughts

• PFB’s newest member Dekota made a five-point argument for OSU winning ten gamestwo of the five involve who (and where) OSU’s opponents are on the schedule. Another is appropriately about health and it feels like the Cowboys’ luck should reverse there after a wild 2022 season (PFB)

Love that Mason Rudolph is settling into his role in the NFL as a career backup, enjoying it all as it comes as he starts his sixth year in the league. (CBS Sports)

Can’t wait to see Justin Kirkland pushing offensive lines like a blocking sled this fall.

“Justin Kirkland is crazy,” (OSU offensive lineman Jason) Brooks said. “I saw a video before he got here, when he committed, he was benching 225 for like 40-something, 50 reps. It’s crazy. He got here, and he’s over here benching and squatting houses almost.

Two Quotes

• Sign me up for the Javon Small show this winter.

• Two of OSU’s most talented offensive linemen are competing for the left tackle spot in Stillwater.

While the left tackle job seems to be in flux, with Cole Birmingham and Dalton Cooper in competition, Birmingham — who missed last season with an injury — has enjoyed working next to Brooks so far.

One Question

• If you could pick one (non-Alan Bowman) player to have an incredible (and healthy) season in Stillwater this fall – who would it be?

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Terrific article on the difference between repentance and defensiveness (faith-based) with a quote below:

A defensive heart says, “But look at what I did right!” (diversion). A repentant heart says, “Here specifically is what I did wrong” (honesty).

A defensive heart says, “But look at what was done to me!” (distraction). A repentant heart says, “Here is how I contributed to the conflict” (ownership).

A defensive heart says, “It wasn’t that bad” (downplaying). A repentant heart says, “It was a big deal” (admission).


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