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Daily Bullets (Aug. 15): Gundy’s Yankees’ Job, Gundy’s QB Picking-Record



If you get down today, just remind yourself: OSU will play a football game this month.

Bullets Rundown

• Gundy’s QB picking-history
• Gundy’s Yankees job
• From Manhattan to Stillwater

OSU Bullets

• I’m pretty prone to look at Mike Gundy’s famous QB errors – namely Alex Cate over Brandon Weeden with a helping of JW Walsh over Clint Chelf. But Bobby Allen rightly pointed out where Gundy has picked his quarterback well – a fact worth considering in this quarterback competition.

Besides, I never hear fans give Gundy credit for seeing through Donovan Woods and Bobby Reid to find the real star quarterback in Zac Robinson. Don’t you remember Gundy’s cryptic comment of having seen the future after a fall scrimmage in 2006 when he correctly identified Robinson as the star quarterback of his program’s future?

Gundy also started the 2015 season with two quarterback in Rudolph and J.W. Walsh. All that two quarterback system got the Pokes was a 10-0 start to the season before Rudolph got hurt in a game with 10th-ranked Baylor. [GoPokes $$$]

Mike Gundy famously called Oklahoma State University his “Yankees” job – did (or has) that perspective changed over his career?

“I thought at some point if the Dallas Cowboys called and wanted me to coach that it would be hard not to do that,” said Gundy, who played quarterback at Oklahoma State. “But as I watch what happens when I read about that level, it doesn’t do much for me. This is really who I am, here at Oklahoma State. We take good young men. We have a good culture. We have fun. [ESPN]

It sounds like the intrigue of a new challenge was alluring but never enough to pull him away from the football job in Stillwater.

• Let’s have some coachspeak and see if we can make any inferences about OSU’s offensive line group under new coach Charlie Dickey.

“We’re doing a good job running the ball,” Gundy said. “I like (Dickey). We had a goal in mind with him, with the transition being as smooth as it is, and with him adapting to our culture here. Coaching at Oklahoma State is a little different than other places, and so sometimes, the adjustment’s maybe not as easy as what people think. Coach has (provided) a real smooth transition for our team.”

I wonder what that means – how coaching at Oklahoma State is so different than other places. If I were guessing, coaching at Kansas State may be the most similar to Oklahoma State culturally.

• What college football coaches are primed for a promotion next year?

• I like this piece every year – looking at the best college football team in each state

Walk-on tryouts are next week – what are the odds of finding an athletic 300 pounder that can split a double team?

Non-OSU Bullets

• Innovation is guts plus generosity

• I like this Thunder add for the end of the bench – start taking fliers on lottery picks over the last two to four years

• Some pretty legit tips on buying a used car here – let me know if you’ve got a “this helped convince my wife we need a van” articles

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