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Daily Bullets (Aug. 30): OSU’s Offensive Line Down but Not Out for 2020 Season

Also, why not Nebraska and Arkansas to the B12?



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OSU Bullets

• Robert Allen lays out what the starting offensive line will probably look like. Good insight and detail here.

• Considering what Oklahoma State has lost on the offensive line over the past month, this is a pretty nice get. Not life-changing, but not bad either.

• Guys, I think the Big Ten might be lost.

• Related: I really enjoyed this from Bill Haisten on Arkansas and Nebraska joining up with the Big 12 and just how much sense that would make!

• In other news: The Big 12 is going to three COVID tests per week (which is good!).

• You thought the CFB Playoff committee was a mess before. What is this year going to be like?

• The NYT, unsurprisingly, says CFB should not have a season.

Awesome photo history here of GIA.

• Yes!

• Actual college football was on last night. Also, how fast is this dude?

Non-OSU Bullets

• This on time-blocking is very good.

• I just finished this book on coffee in Yemen. Excellent.

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