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Daily Bullets (August 18)



Personal Note: Back in the saddle again – Mrs. Bullets went ahead and delivered a pair of amazing kiddos in time for the 2017 season. What a gal! And thanks to Kyle P. and Kyle B. covering for a brotha.

Candid Thoughts

An anonymous rival coach shared his honest thoughts with Sports Illustrated on the 2017 team. You wouldn’t expect what side of the ball he first hit on.

They’ve gotten more multiple on defense over the years; the quarterbacks and the offenses in the Big 12 are too good for anyone to do only one thing. They used to be a strictly four-man front, two safeties. Now they’re moving to a three-man front. Most teams have a weakness somewhere on the defensive line. They really don’t.

They do some stunting, and they add some blitzes that give you trouble at times, but nothing too complicated. The key is, they play hard. It’s a tough conference, and there are so many great offenses, but they’re one of the tougher defenses to play against and prepare for. [Sports Illustrated]

He raves about Zaccarius Green and sets up a tent on Ramon Island – interesting. Must be Dana right?

Large and In Charge

In a piece digging into USC wunderkind Sam Darnold, Mason Rudolph was the cream that rose to the top.

If you’re looking for a tall quarterback from a big school who did well against big school competition, Sam Darnold isn’t a player who is inflated by a small sample size and his overlooked propensity to turn the ball over. The only quarterback who comes close to him is senior Mason Rudolph, who blew him out of the water.

What is clear is that by setting the parameters that the NFL seems to set, you get a small pool of quarterbacks to choose from with a lot of common names in the group. [Setting the Edge]

In an interesting article on quarterbacks with pro prospects weeding out guys under 6’2″ with a good body of work against teams that qualified for bowls, Rudolph shined.

OSU and NCAA Notes

CBS has the Pokes heading to the Cotton Bowl….Harbaugh hiding his roster – A New Jersey media group filed for it via the Freedom of Info Act to get it….SportsIllustrated ranks the best athletic directors in college football….Catching up with Les Miles: parenting and some Gundy-esque eccentricities

Easily the best reason to buy the shirt – mine was bought at Dupree’s.

Clip meet Mamba.

Always fun to see the Pokes on center stage – even if they are kissing up a bit.

Really neat move by Cowgirl Soccer honoring a true Cowboy.

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