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Daily Bullets (August 7) – All-Time Inside Receivers, Establishing an Offense, OSU’s Four-Headed Dragon



Inside Men

Cowboy receivers coach Kasey Dunn isn’t shying away from enthusiasm about his inside receivers, Dillon Stoner and Jalen McCleskey.

“Dillon and Jalen are probably as good as I’ve had since I’ve been here when you start talking about a pairing inside,” Dunn said earlier this week.

Best ever inside combo?

Dunn says the only other pair he’d put in the conversation would be Tracy Moore and Josh Cooper.

And the receivers coach still gives the nod to McCleskey-Stoner. [NewsOK]

Dunn arrived for the 2011 season so there’s a set universe, spanning guys like Moore and Cooper, Josh Stewart, David Glidden, Austin Hays, and Blake Webb. McCleskey and Stoner may be the best combo of production and athleticism in that bunch.

This guy sure seems like the prototype though.

Elite Eight

Mike Gundy set out a solid offensive gameplan with his direct reports: get the ball to the most talented players.

“The only thing I’ve asked our guys to do and we’ve done this for a number of years is list from one to eight, if you’re lucky (to have that many), skill guys,” continued Gundy.

“If you had to say this is the guys or guys that I need to touch the ball the most to help us score touchdowns, who would that be? Who is second, third, fourth, fifth. We’ve been lucky because last year we had 10 of those guys. We felt pretty good about seven and eight touching the ball, but usually it is one, two, three, four, and five. That is all I ask the staff to do is that it is important that the guys that can make a play touch the ball the most. At running back, we’ve got a number of guys and we need to find out because they are all going to touch the ball.” [GoPokes]

Gundy’s got a running back depth chart deeper than Boomer Lake and may take up half of that list. Mike Yurcich will earn his money figuring out how to construct an offense consistently getting the ball into the hands of it’s best players without a known commodity at quarterback.

OSU and NCAA Notes

JD King has a solid name for the Cowboy backfield….North Carolina football players sold special Jordan edition shoes, players suspended…..HCS has the Oklahoma teams one and two in their ranking of Big 12 running backs…..Big 12 is well-positioned for future TV contracts….What’s more obscene about this top-50 CFB player list: that Justice Hill was left off or that Will Grier is NUMBER THREE?

How insane is it that a 5’11” receiver is such a great fit for the fade route?

Davon Dillard’s gone to Carolina.

That’s a quite a bar to set for a guy there, Mike.

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