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Daily Bullets (August 9) – 2011 Cowboy Football’s Unheralded Heroes, Justice Hill Realities Set In



Ticket to Win It

When you think about the 2011 Big 12 Champions, your mind naturally drifts to Weeden-to-Blackmon, an insane offensive line, a prolific Joseph Randle-led rushing attack and an NCAA-leading turnover ratio. But is a red-hot offense the all-encompassing trait that binds Big 12 championship teams or is it something else?

The 2014 Bears had a similar deal going with Taylor Young capably replacing Eddie Lackey and adding four sacks as a blitzer. Ditto 2011 OSU, who had one great pass-rusher in Blatnick and then a solid second fiddle in Richetti Jones but also a particularly strong back seven.

The point is, if you can simultaneously bring good, consistent pressure simultaneously from two guys at two different areas of the protection scheme, you can do real damage to Big 12 offenses. [ConcerningSports]

While an unstoppable offense tends to be present in any league-winning team, plenty of offenses put up sky-high numbers without competing for a crown. But the role that Richetti Jones and Blatnick had on that turnover number – and staying in games – is likely incalculable.

Tone Shift

In the midst of confident statements, like again stating that the 2018 offensive line will be better than it’s 2017 counterpart, Coach Gundy has changed his stance on Justice Hill’s senior season.

Of course, graduating in three years might mean Hill’s final season in orange and black begins later this month.

“So he’ll finish up. That’s good news and bad news,” Gundy told the crowd. “The bad news is when he finishes up he’s probably going to move on, which is good news. … Somebody’s going to get a fantastic player for a long, long time.” [TulsaWorld]

In this day and age, it’s only reasonable for running backs proven to have next level capabilities to minimize the wear and tear on their tires and get to the next level ASAP. Gundy even suggested the benefits of 15 carries per game in 2018 for Hill.

“It’s awesome for him for his marketability for the NFL is his body,” Gundy said. “It’s a rough business and his body will be in tremendous shape when he moves on from here so it’s a win-win for all of us.” [TulsaWorld]

OSU and NCAA Notes

NCAA massively overhauling college basketball rulebook in wake of latest probe…..OSU made the list for playing the most ranked opponents in the FCS….A solid list of college football analytics articles….Dez Bryant listed by PFF as a free agent that could impact a team in 2018….Nathan Ruiz sat down with Jason McEndoo….PFF does a solid Big 12 quarterback preview

Solid two-minute breakdown of yesterday’s college basketball rule changes:

This seems like an accurate system: 38th most talented roster, 21st home field advantage. Surprised to see Yurcich (No. 10) rated higher than Gundy (No.31) but maybe a conventional view of recruiting figures in. Five toss up games – Boise,Kansas State, Texas, West Virginia, and TCU with a projected W in three of those. 7-2 in league play would be shades of 2013 fantastic.

I think we all would have had Daniels in our top three of highest-graded Cowboy defensive players.

This is an impressive streak.

What’s summer like without smoked watermelon?

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