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Daily Bullets: Big 12 never had five champs in five years

2014 schedule analysis, Texas’ new AD, Texas’ new coach (?), great Halloween pranks, and nobody will pass to James Anderson.




Here’s the 2014 football schedule. (PFB)

The Big 12 has never had five champs in five years. It’s gonna happen this year. (NewsOK)

Homecoming 2014 dates announced. (Orange Connection)

Why Oklahomans should be OK with Texas’ new AD. (NewsOK)

Calvin Barnett collects wristwatches. (Tulsa World)

Yeah the end to OSU’s schedule isn’t ideal. (B/R)

“Instead of trying to make a throw under your legs, it’s more just like slap yourself in the butt with the ball.” (NewsOK)

OSU players try to pronounce Clint Chelf’s name. (KOCO)

Wow, ratings for OSU-Tech crushed the Vikings-Cowboys game. (NewsOK)

How many TDs would Barry Sanders have scored in 2013? (PFB)

I am SHOCKED that Robert Allen agrees with Gundy’s decision to muzzle Chelf. (Scout)

“You want good quarterbacking, watch the SEC.” (NewsOK)


Yeah this is going to suck for at least a year. (Yahoo)

Five questions on the upcoming basketball season. (PFB)

Nobody will pass to James Anderson. (Deadspin)

On how Tony Allen has a little Metta in him. (Grantland)

Marcus Smart says there is no ceiling. He also says Texas Tech has the worst atmosphere in the Big 12. via @blakehuddleston (Athlon)


Ohhhhh boy, Saban. At least we could still get into the Fiesta Bowl every year. That’s the upside for us. (Big Lead)

On how Cory Bergman is reinventing breaking news. This is good. (Medium)

Steph Curry gonna Steph Curry. (Deadspin)

How Best American Sportswriting books go down. (Deadspin)

Wife and I watched this with our two-year-old. Probably not the best idea.

This is great, too.

Tony Allen monster dunk.

Good stuff from my man Royce at the Confluence Conference from a few weeks back.

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