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Daily Bullets: Big 12 play getting even faster

Nee F/+ has three top 11 teams from Big 12, media availability a touchy subject these days, and why Marcus Smart made the right decision.




This is excellent, on the game speeding up and the Big 12’s role. (Football Study Hall)

Pokes are No. 11 in new F/+. Baylor is No. 6, OU is No. 8. (Football Outsiders)

Interesting take here on interviewing athletes. Honestly, the more pressers the better for me and this blog. (Tulsa World)

More on how bad the Big 12 is. (Fox SW)

Interesting…are we in for a defensive season in the Big 12? (B/R)

On Caleb Lavey’s legacy. (NewsOK)

I wrote about that also from an OSU perspective in my power rankings yesterday. (PFB)

File this away in “things that will not end well.” (Big Lead)

I can’t believe Joe DeForest was made unavailable this week. (Tulsa World)

Travis Haney wonders why OSU is ranked so high and especially why it’s ranked ahead of Baylor. (ESPN Insider)

This is actually borderline sad: Kansas-La. Tech might be the best game of the Big 12 season so far. (ESPN)

Berry Tramel on why Dana’s job is safe. 12 regular season games ago they were ranked No. 5. Wow. (NewsOK)

I didn’t realize how hard Dana recruited JW. That seems odd. (Yahoo)

Mike Gundy movie metaphor alert. (Tulsa World)

My takeaway from this article was “Tracy Moore is on a Blietnikoff watch list?” (Big 12 Sports)

This guy.. (Scout)

The dude who used to babysit JW talks about JW. (NewsOK)


On whether or not Marcus Smart made the right decision. Interesting stuff here. (ESPN Insider)

This is the list OSU couldn’t crack. (Sports Illustrated)

Smart is top PG according to Athlon. (Athlon)


Deadspin with a really smart take on the SI stuff. (Deadspin)

Troll hard, Ole Miss. (CBS Sports)

Don’t like these new Carolina kicks. (Yahoo)

My man Kevin DeShazo talked to Len Pasquarelli about social media and sports. (Aljazeera America)

I love this. There needs to be more feuding in the NBA. (Daily Thunder)



Looks awesome.

Start this at 21:24…it seems like Dana is making fun of OSU’s offense trying to be Oregon-like. (via Brendon Morris)



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