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Daily Bullets: Chelf and Walsh have been splitting reps

Lots of opinion on QB1, great video recap of the game, the best photo from H&H, Bill Murray goes nuts on Gameday.




My takeaway from this was not that Gundy hasn’t named a starter, but that Chelf and Walsh have been splitting reps in practice for “quite a while.” (Scout)

Reading Berry’s weekly power rankings continues to remind me what a joke the Big 12 is this year. (NewsOK)

Pokes sure racked up a lot of “bests” here for being so poor. (Fox SW)

Josh Stewart says “Chelf is our guy.” (NewsOK)

Jake Trotter says Chelf and Childs are “a step in the right direction.” (ESPN)

The two finished the day a combined 19-of-43. (B/R)

Agree with Ubben here: Get Josh Stewart the ball as much as possible. Run him as the QB out of the diamond, whatever. (Fox SW)

Good stuff here on why Baylor will have a hard time playing for the title. (B/R)

Great video recap of the game here by Whetsell. (CRFF)

The kicking game is scary good….and bad. (NewsOK)

Pokes No. 19 in the first BCS standings. (ESPN)

Tyreek Hill, my man. (CRFF)

Josh Stewart gets a helmet sticker. (ESPN)

That’s 21 straight for OSU at home against unranked opponents. (Big 12 Sports)

You know what I’m getting pretty freaking tired of? Hearing about how JW Walsh makes mistakes because he’s over-competitive. He makes mistakes because he’s an average QB, not because he has the “I will kill bears with my bare hands to win football games” gene. (Scout)

Cowboys are No. 19 in the AP and No. 13 in the Coaches Poll (ahead of A&M!) (CBS Sports)

Look at OSU’s swing points here. Just dreadful. (PFB)


Good look at just how long OSU’s non-Smart guys have been together. (Rivals)

The best photo from Homecoming weekend. (PFB)

Ford on H&H: “It couldn’t have went any better.” (NewsOK)

Here’s the full OSU Homecoming & Hoops. (ESPN)


On Daniel Cormier’s MMA breaks. (NewsOK)

Huge wrestling preview here. Great stuff. (CRFF)

Yeah, buying stock in players sounds like a complete mess. (Verge)

The science of storytelling. (Fast Company)

This is a real thing that happened..

Pretty good.


Sweet mercy.

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