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Daily Bullets: Cowboys a quiet title contender?

How the Big 12 is shaping up, tons of good work on the “scandal,” hoops is just around the corner!




Josh Stewart is the special teams player of the week which makes for some awkward “Josh Stewart is the POW” tweets on Twitter. (Big 12 Sports)

Some interesting OU-OSU talk here. (CBS Sports)

Jeremy Smith really did have the quietest 3-TD performance ever. (ESPN)

Good thoughts from Whetsell on how the Big 12 is shaping up. (CRFF)

Todd McShay picks OSU as his quiet BCS title contender. (ESPN Insider)

If you want to know how OSU guys in the NFL are doing… (okstate)

Pokes still on top of ESPN power rankings. (ESPN)

JW on what he learned from the 2011 team. (Tulsa World)


Wow, Kansas is ranked 6th, OSU 12th in the Blue Ribbon preseason poll. (Big 12 Sports)

Do we like this? (CBS Sports)

Wow, college basketball practices started Sunday. (CBS Sports)


This is excellent, read it. (Rivals)

OSU picks a guy with the strangest last name I’ve ever seen to follow up on this mess. (ESPN)

Jenni Carlson with some good points here on Herschel Sims. (NewsOK)

Here’s the SI followup to the five-part series. I actually think it’s pretty good but I’m not sure what it has to do with Oklahoma State. (Sports Illustrated)

Some interesting notes on Mike Holder here. (Medium Happy)

Looking back at some old Gundy quotes about the stuff alleged in Part Five. (Tulsa World)

My 10 thoughts on Part Five. (PFB)

On why Artrell Woods isn’t a sympathetic figure. (Tulsa World)

I’m with Carson, I’ll miss Berry’s breakdowns more than anything about the “scandal.” (NewsOK)

This is probably more pro-OSU than I’ve written in the last week. (Team Speed Kills)

Crazy that SI didn’t mention this one. (NewsOK)


Go, Bo! (Deadspin)

This (among many places) is where SI’s arguments just totally fell apart.


Hah, good point here.

Guess this wasn’t taken into account?

Great question!

I laughed.


“One of the country’s most storied college football programs”???


I wish Dez was in this.

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