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Daily Bullets: Cowboys control their own destiny

Justin Gilbert on Tom and Jerry, is Tech overrated (?), is OSU overrated (?), and #ThingsUnderBaylorsTarp.




Justin Gilbert shops at Chic. What is Chic? (NewsOK)

Good review of the Big 12 tiebreakers and what each team needs to do to win it. (ESPN)

Great story by Jimmie Tramel on Tyler Johnson. Must read. (Tulsa World)

Excellent story here on Shamiel Gary by Gina Mizell. (NewsOK)

This letter from a former Oregon football player is scary…and possibly universally (?) true. (Deadspin)

This is terrifying: Why Rolando McClain retired from football. (ESPN)

Brandon Webb has winning the lottery on his bucket list. I can’t wait for one of these guys to say “Pistols Firing” when asked about their favorite site. (okstate)

What a lede. Is that a real quote? I Googled it and came up empty. Was he thinking of “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”? (Scout)

Anything is posssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiible! (CRFF)

Good stuff here from Berry on whether or not Tech is overrated. And whether or not OSU is overrated. (NewsOK)

Miami-FSU is the biggest point spread between undefeated top-10 teams this late in the season ever. Next biggest involves OSU. (CBS Sports)

Mark Schlabach picks OSU. Not sure if he watches OSU. (ESPN)

Jace Amaro (TTU player): “I know we lost, and the year before that we lost pretty big, too. We have no other mindset. Just we’re going to prepare the same way. It’s just another team.” (NewsOK)

#ThingsUnderBaylorsTarp was pretty great on Twitter yesterday. (CRFF)


As a Sutton-era apologist, I don’t love the phrase “offense is going to be the focal point of this team.” (O’Colly)

Five upgrades for the OSU basketball team. (PFB)

James Anderson had 8-6-1-2 last night in a 76ers win over the Heat. (ESPN)

Calling Kirby Gardner and Phil Jurick “key players” is a stretch. Still, this is right, Ford has no excuses. (O’Colly)

Stevie Clark as a member of the Jackson Five. Supreme work by Carson. (PFB)

Wiggs-mania is out of control. (TSN)

Eight mid-majors that could make a run in March. If you want to follow a good college hoops blog (outside of CBS Sports, of course), this is the one to follow. (Yahoo)

One NBA executive on Smart: “He probably cost himself seven or eight slots by staying.” The price of a bum wrist. (ESPN)

How John Lucas helped get Stevie Clark to Stillwater. (PFB)


Kevin Dougherty gets Big 12 golfer of the month. (Big 12 Sports)

Photos from OSU’s world series exhibition. (Flickr)

On John Farrell’s World Series win. (Boston)

The new New York Times looks awesome. (New York Times)

I found this interesting. Mashable’s new executive editor writes about his plans. (Mashable)

Koji Uehara’s kid was awesome after Boston’s win last night. (Big Lead)

Papi’s champagne bottle last night was bigger than a toddler.[1. Carson’s “Senor October” nickname for Papi isn’t getting enough run. It’s so perfect.] (Big Lead)

This is awesome. This dude now holds the record as the fastest man to ever drive across America. (Jalopnik)

What the team watched to get motivated for Iowa State.

Shades of Roy Williams.

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