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Daily Bullets: Cowboys rise in polls

OKC Dave on the company you keep, what people wore/did on Saturday in response to SI, and a note on Mike Gundy going bald.




What a line: the gag order benefits Gundy, who would probably rather go bald than spend half the night answering questions about alleged wrongdoings in the program. (Tulsa World)

OSU up to No. 11 in the polls. The Big 12 is awful. (SB Nation)

That Texas Tech game just scares the crap out of me. (NewsOK)

It feels like there should be a big gap between second and third. (Fox SW)

Walsh is looking forward to the bye week, Gundy not so much. (Yahoo)

Yeah, this is a thing. And it’s a thing I’m pumped about. (NewsOK)

I like this on stock being up or down. I loved Ofa Hautau on Saturday. (Rivals)

This is really cool, OKC Dave on the company you keep. (Football Study Hall)

Good roundup of what people wore/did at the game in response to SI. (O’Colly)

A bunch of GIFs from Saturday. (Tumblr)

JW was bummed about his performance. It wasn’t awful but it could have been a lot better. (NewsOK)

Wow, I didn’t realize Josh Stewart had a 15-game streak with at least four receptions going. (Big 12 Sports)

Jeremy Smith gets a helmet sticker. (ESPN)

Such a freak. (Big Lead)


Such a great read on fact checking. (Medium Happy)

This was from Friday afternoon from Berry. It’s hilarious. (NewsOK)

I think demands to “release the tapes” are a little silly in most cases but the Aso Pogi context case is one I’m pretty interested in. Also, Tatum Bell. (Tulsa World)

OSU gets worst gesture of the week in the Big 12. I saw this and there are photos out there but I’m not going to post them for obvious reasons. (Fox SW)

So one of the girls listed in the SI article wasn’t even there for the time period mentioned?? (News6)

People were going wild about this editorial on Sunday, and it was fine, but I didn’t think there was a ton there… (Tulsa World)

Parents of Orange Pride girls start speaking out. (NewsOK)

More interesting comments here from folks formerly associated with Orange Pride. (Tulsa World)


OSU-Louisville would be insanely awesome. (ESPN)


OSU golf finishes third in first tourney of the season. (O’Colly)

[CBS execs continuing smoking cigars on Monday morning] (CBS Sports)

Not gonna knock military appreciation day, but…. (CBS Sports)

Twitter IPO. (WSJ)

Just finished this book, it was excellent. (Amazon)

Gundy’s presser from Saturday.

Not the best start to the Browns season..

I’ve seen a lot of sweaty William Bell references. In case you haven’t seen him…

Presented without commentary…

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